Saturday, September 10, 2005

Learn to Read Peyote Patterns

One of the greatest challenges to new and even seasoned beaders, is reading a peyote graph. How does one get started? I've found a lot of instructions on the net and in books, but honestly, most of them are confusing. A peyote "start" consists of stringing rows one and two sequentially, and then adding the third row. Once you've mastered the "start" (which is quite simple) reading the pattern is easy. Many beaders will weave a few "dummy rows" to get started and then pull them out once their piece is woven. But what happens when you've pierced a thread and woven through it? You can't unravel that dummy row! If you've struggled with starting a peyote project, please click on the title above. It will take you to my FREE instructions for reading and weaving peyote. I also have a FREE tutorial on tubular peyote as well, but the flat peyote is the best place to get started! (Pattern # 8290) Enjoy!
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