Sunday, October 30, 2005

Advertising and Design

I love graphic design and discovered a great blog on the 'net. (link is embedded in the title, above) takes you to the world of advertising. It asks the question of what we are trying to say when we create "art" and looks at advertising that is either a success or a failure in answering that question. From there I found another website that is fascinating - a site that allows you to see what photo-retouching can do: It does an excellent job of telling the "truth" behind all those glitzy glamour girls and perhaps makes the rest of us imperfect mortals seem not so imperfect after all. Finally, take a look at the worst advertising around - an interesting venture into either good humor or horrid taste, depending on your perspective: (click on the trash can to enter). All of these links can be found on Frederik Samuel's blog, which can be found by clicking on the title above. Thanks to Frederik for a wonderful blog!

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