Thursday, October 20, 2005

Gorgeous Czech Beads

I love Czech beads. I know, everyone loves Japanese beads. But Japanese beads are soooooo perfect. They're also kinda rectangular. Czech beads - they're round. True rocailles. When you weave them, they have a texture all their own. I've often said that Japanese beads are the "Modern art" and Czech beads are the "Renaissance" of the bead world. It's true! Czech beads got shape. When you've done beadwork for a few years, you begin to notice the difference. I have certain stitches I prefer to weave with Czech beads, while others look better with Japanese. But that also depends on the application. For example, free form peyote is inherently a texture-producing weave so any type of bead will do. But if you want texture without the design hassle it's relatively easy to get with Czech beads. I've entitled this snippet "Gorgeous Czech beads" to draw your attention to looking more closely at Czech beads and considering them for your next project. I've found a website with scrumptious photos of all sizes and colors of Czech beads - a virtual candy store! Check it out by clicking on the title above to take you there. Once there, click on "size 8/0" for a yummy treat. Enjoy!
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