Sunday, November 06, 2005

Blog Flux Blog Finder

Blog Flux has created a new search function for finding blogs based on information you supply it with. It's really cool and I've put the link in the title above, so click on it to get there. Basically, they allow you to define your search terms by categories and some other preferences, which they've weighted, and then they give you a results page that lists the matches by how close they think the match is - i.e. the highest matches list first and so on. If you have a Mac, it's like searching "Help" and getting a list of topics by order of relevance. Very cool. Blog Flux would like everyone in the world to try it and see if they like it and send them some feedback. So please, head on over and check it out :)
Oh, by the way, if you choose "Arts" and "Crafts" and put in "Beads" for your search function.....hooray for Beadweaver!!! :P

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