Monday, December 25, 2006

Ornaments: And the winner is......

NPR sponsored a craft contest for ornaments inspired by the news of 2006. To see what people really think of what's going on in the world, click on the title above. To read more about the contest details, click HERE. I know some of you are surfing the web on Christmas day.... :)!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Beautiful Free Form Necklaces

free form peyoteFrany has recently completed these gorgeous necklaces and has allowed me to share them with you!!!! Aren't they beautiful? I love the mixture of the carnelian chips with the pendant in the autumn hued necklace (my favorite color is orange!) and the green piece is also gorgeous with it's drop fringe and dichroic centerpiece.

free form peyoteAbsolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing Frany!!!!

(PS - to see more of her beautiful work, click on the title above!)

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Great Links

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I've been very busy and with it being the holidays.....I don't want to take an official time out though because I can always find something to share! So, for this week, I thought I'd share some new links to bead artists. They are a mix, as usual, from all over the world and a few were shared by Louise Hill. I hope your holiday preparations are going well!

bead embroideryDenise Perrault
Marcia deCoster
Anna van Blerkom
Melanie Potter
Holle Randy
Suske de Kloe
David Small Beadwork
Elises Parlatelje
Kim Anderson
Jan Mancey
Betsy Youngquist
Andi Stern
Sandra Miller
Villi Helmi
Linda Ahuna
Beadworkers Guild
Huib Petersen

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fire Jewels

Louise Hill of Louise Hill Designs shared with me this interesting new product. It's a Swarovski crystal illuminated by an LED and run via a battery pack in the clasp. The original design entailed using guitar wires to transfer the current from the battery to the crystal. Have you seen one? The product is not a product of Swarovski, but is a product of FireJewels, an independant manufacturer who uses Swarovski components in its designs. To read more about these crystals, click on the title above and you'll be redirected to the manufacturer's home site.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Three (more) Beautiful Things

It's been over a week since I last wrote....I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving wherever you are in this world. I thought I'd start today's post with three more beautiful things, speaking of giving thanks.

1. A friend with whom you can enjoy life's treasures.
2. Watching Robins eat berries off of thorn trees in the brisk fall afternoon.
3. Spending precious time with your parents and loved ones.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Velvet Da Vinci SNAG photos

The Society of North American Goldsmith's held their 2003 conference in San Francisco, sponsored in part by Velvet da Vinci. To see the photos of artist jewelry in action, click on the title above to be redirected to Velvet da Vinci's website. Once there, follow these instructions:
1. Click on "About"
2. 3/4 down the page you'll see an underlined title "Exhibition in Motion" - click on it
3. Enjoy the 12 pages of viewing!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Beadweaver will catch up with you again in a week!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ride The Bus to Bead & Button!

Ride the Bus to Bead and Button 2007! If you live in or around Ohio and are looking for a fun trip to the show, Signe from is planning a trip from Ohio to Milwaukee next June. For all the details, click on the title above and you'll be redirected to her site!

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Beaded Christmas Cards

I found a neat website while surfing the web this morning. Stitching offers a series of patterns for creating beaded images on cards. There are a few different themes available but I've provided a direct link to the Christmas Bead Card series. If you like to create beautiful handmade Christmas cards and you love beads, then these might interest you. Click on the title above to be redirected to the website. The patterns are available for PDF download. Enjoy!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Jackson Pollock

Click on the title above to visit the Jackson Pollock creative site. Be sure to click your mouse to change colors! To visit the real Jackson Pollock website, click HERE

Joyce Scott

For those of you who live in and around San Francisco, Joyce Scott will be giving a free lecture on November 17th at the Morgan Auditorium off of Post Street (That's downtown Union Squarish). Her talk coincides with a two month long exhibit of her work at the Museum of Craft and Design (550 Sutter Street, between Powell and Mason) which opens November 10th. To learn more about this event, click on the title above to be redirected. The event is co-sponsored by Velvet da Vinci, a f*a*b*u*l*o*u*s gallery in the City.

Joyce Scott's beadwork can be viewed online at the Mobilia Gallery.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Reina Mia Brill

I found this artist's website and just had to post it. Her intro is fun! I love her work too. She knits wire sculptures. Click on the title above and you'll be redirected to her site!

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Friday, November 03, 2006

Beadventures Tours

Sometimes I think everyone knows about things I just find out about, other times I am surprised to know something that no one else knows! Today I thought I'd share a link to the Beadventures site - if you don't know about them already. Beadventure's tours take travelers to countires all over the world and focuses on beads and bead weaving. Many top names in teaching lead these tours, such as Cynthia Rutledge and Laura McCabe. I know of one person who has travelled with Beadventures and just loved it. They have a newsletter you can sign up for to see where they are going next. What could be better than a vacation with beads?!

Monday, October 30, 2006

My Daily Om

A friend of mine shared this website with me. It's full of inspiration so I thought I'd share it with you. It's for those days when everything seems to fall apart, or when you're feeling hopeless or lost, whatever your worries, I hope you will find some solice here. Click on the title to go to the website.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Embroidered Purses

I picked up "Embroidered Purses" by Linda Tudor a few months ago at Lacis online. It's a beautiful book but not for a beginner. It discusses designs and techniques, but requires some knowledge of stitching and sewing to understand it thoroughly. I love the purse on the cover, which is a project, however no patterns are provided - you have to create your own, although the author does provide instructions to do that.

Inside the book you'll find some lovely purses including one decorated with cut and dried lemon peel 'sequins'. Mostly, it is a book about inspiration and a place to start if you're thinking about entering into Beadwork's Beaded Bag competition.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More Bead Embroidery

Bobbi Kirk asked me about the back of the bead embroidered bracelet I did for my class. Unfortunately, yesterday I backed the bracelet with a sandwich of steam-a-seam and a second piece of suede cloth. The suede cloth (available locally, but not my preference - I prefer ultrasuede) shows little bumps on the back - these are my knots where I start and stop the thread. It's not terribly noticeable, but I am a perfectionist so it won't happen again! Because I use the steam-a-seam, which is essentially a heat set glue, in the future I am going to eliminate my knots and instead do a tiny single stitch to secure the threads....

I've also taken a picture of what has proven to be a challenge. I started on the Iris project in the summer. I took a sewing class this fall as a motivator to finish the embroidery and create the final piece. The lining for the final piece was a template for the embroidery. In transferring the image to the embroidery I considered many options. Finally, I ended up at our local sewing store which has been in business for 30 years. I asked the owner if she had a nifty solution for image transfer (other than pen) and she swore by a product called "Sulky Heat Away". She was quite enthusiastic - "Add just a little heat with an iron and it will disintegrate before your eyes!"

Let me first say this. Never use Sulky Heat Away. Secondly, ALWAYS test out a new product. I did neither. I beaded away for the entirety of my class only to find that when I tried to remove the Sulky Heat Away, it wasn't quite so easy. First, it takes an EXTREMELY HOT iron. Second, I used NYMO thread for my embroidery. Even with using an extremely hot iron and a press cloth, the Sulky Heat Away didn't budge. No disintegration. Trust me, that iron was HOT! (note the vertical lines the iron almost melted into the fabric)

So what I am picturing here is my piece, not quite finished and after three hours of picking away the Sulky Heat Away with a needle. I also used scissors but I quickly switched to a needle after I started cutting up my embroidery threads........

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH. Lesson learned: ALWAYS TEST A NEW PRODUCT. I knew better and I didn't do it.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Three Beautiful Things

Three Beautiful Things is featured this week on Bloggers Top Sites so I had to check it out. What a wonderful site. Plus, she's got a great thing going.....So what are your "Three Beautiful Things"? Today, mine are:
The sunrise over Lassen peak
Waking up to a wet nose
A hot mocha

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Liza Lou

I've always been fascinated with Liza Lou's work. Not the work itself though, the process. How many beads can one person repetitively weave or place onto a sculpture that is enormous, repeating a task that is even more so? What makes her tick?

Liza Lou recently had a gallery exhibit in London and it was reviewed by Adriane Searle, of The Guardian. Mr. Searle provides us with a look into her life and her compulsion with all things beaded. It's a review that also touches on things you might not want to know. But then, you might want to know that she was tormented as a child and perhaps this is what drives her as an adult.

Could she really be the genius the MacArthur Foundation thinks she is? Perhaps. Click on the title above to read the review. At the bottom of the article you'll find links to her exhibit at the White Cube Gallery in London and a webpage from that shows a variety of images of her work.

More on the web:
Village Voice
San Francisco Art Institute
Moco Loco
Aid to Artisans

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Connie Marie's Slide Show

I was just over at Connie Marie's new bead blog My Beadwork Projects and I discovered her slide show! Last Wednesday, she posted a slide show of pieces of her beadwork and it's a lovely format. What's especially nice about it is that the viewer can't take a photo off the slide show and save to their hard drive. You might be wondering why that would be an issue, but all of us risk our work being copied if we post it to the internet, and this might be one way around that.

You can create your own slide show on, here's the direct link: Slide dot com

I can't wait to try it!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

More Beautiful Beadweavers

I've got three new French and one Italian beadweaver to feature for today. They are so talented:
Riviere de Perles
RS Jewels

I've also added two new artisan galleries to my Eye Candy List:
Kelly Russell
Lisa Kan

I hope you enjoy seeing their work as much as I have. Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Artisan Links

I've just added a few more links to my "Eye Candy" list. Most of them are from the Shepherdess bead store in San Diego (click on the title above to see their website). I also added Yoshie Marubashi - from the Bead Society of Greater New York:

Marcie Stone
Ann Severine
Maggie Meister
Gwen Gibson
Marcia DeCoster
Yoshie Marubashi

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Eva Zeisal

Eva will be 100 years old in November. 100!!! She continues to practice her art, ceramics, and is currently designing gorgeous vessels for Royal Stafford and Imagine where we will be when we are 100.....Will beadwork be so highly collected? Will artists like David Chatt be on par with Andy Warhol? ...... To read more about Eva, click on the title above. Thank you to Louise Hill for sharing this link with us!

To see pictures of her work:
Google Images
Button Vase
Hallcraft Bowl
Harlequin Creamer
Fruit Bowl
Mid Century Vase
Red Wing Pitcher

For a great detailed article on her life, read about Eva in the Boston Globe

Monday, October 09, 2006

Bahati-Tanzania: A Link Can Be A Lifeline

Located in Arusha, Bahati-Tanzania is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women. It began when its founder, Kerstin Cameron, was wrongfully imprisoned for the supposed murder of her husband. She spent a year in prison along with a few other women who, like her, were also wrongfully imprisoned. The conditions were harsh - no sanitation, poor meals, little to no medical care, and awful housing conditions. When she was finally released a year later, she set out to help the women who suffered alongside her. Kerstin set up a half-way house and started a Beadwork business. Today she employs a number of women who design beautiful beadwork and she has recently set up a website to sell online. You can read more about this organization and view their products by clicking on the title above.

According to Kerstin, "One of our main objects is to create awareness, so thank you so much for your help. We started our little beading workshop to try and be as self-sufficient as possible and not to rely on donations alone. We are grateful for any hints or suggestions also [where] designwork etc is concerned". Kerstin's email is on her website, so if you have any suggestions, I'm sure she'd love to hear from you.

I am writing this post to ask everyone to take a look at Kerstin's website and to consider adding her link to your website or blog to help support her efforts. We have a wonderful and strong community of Beaders online and a link from us can be a lifeline for an organization like this. I think this is a great way that we, both as beaders and as women, can support one another, no matter where we live in this world.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Halloween Bead Patterns

It's that time of year again and I thought I'd post some of my favorite patterns for Halloween:

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough's Vampitapeyote beadwork
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough's La Catrina
Starr Design's Halloween Witch Earrings
Sigrid Wynn Evan's Haunted House Necklace
Pinjinsa's Spider Earrings
Susan Mandel's All Hallow's Eve Bracelet
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough's Down With The Count

More patterns can be found on the website, under "Holiday/Seasonal" "Halloween". Enjoy!

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Thursday, October 05, 2006


I was talking with my sewing teacher the other day and she'd not heard of Novica online. Novica is a great website that sells artisan works from all over the globe. If you've never been to Novica, click on the title above to get there. Last year I purchased a wonderful purse from Thailand. It was packaged beautifully, shipped from Thailand, and included a hand-written thank you note from the artist. I hope you enjoy this website, it's one of my favorites.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

All Dolled Up

Land of Odds has posted an online invitation to submit a beaded doll for it's 2007 competition. This year's theme is "Celestial Reflections" and the deadline for submission is August 31st, 2007. Click on the title to learn more!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bead and Button

Bead and Button has just released it's 2007 schedule of classes. It can be purchased online through Kalmbach publishing. This year they are offering three Master Classes. Diane Fitzgerald is teaching a class on the design techniques of costume jewelers such as Miriam Haskell. Applicants must submit a registration form along with $100 which will then be entered into a lottery. To read more about the Master Classes, click on the title above. Wouldn't it be great if B&B offered a scholarship for an aspiring young artist?

Kalmbach publishing is also looking for an Editor and Associate Editor for Bead and Button Magazine. The position of Editor requires significantly more experience but if you're skilled at beading techniques and enjoy writing, you might consider the Associate Editor position. To learn more, click HERE.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Visual Dictionary

The Visual Dictionary is an online website dedicated to compiling photos of single words to create a dictionary. Anyone can participate. The rule for submission is that an image must display only one dicernable word and it must be obvious what the word is. So if you're taking photos of your beadwork, try taking a few pics of words - anything goes. If you click on the title above, you'll be redirected to the website project. You can also search to see if a word has already been entered. Bead is already in the dictionary, unfortunately, I thought an image of "Bead" made up of beads would have been good. Who knows, maybe they'll take more than one entry. Have fun!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

MJSA Vision Awards

The Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America's 2007 competition is open to both national and international jewelers. This year they have announced a new category: "Crystal" which is sponsored by Swarovski. Deadline for submission is November 30th, 2006. If you are interested in submitting your work, please click on the title above to learn more. You will find an email address to submit inquiries to and they will send you more information and an application for submission. I will also be listing this competition under my Bead Competitions category, left column. Good Luck!

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Liliad Bijoux

I have another wonderful French bead artist to share with you! Her name is Liliad and she has created some of the most beautiful beaded pieces - her latest is a miniature beaded flask. Check out her blog by clicking on the title above. You'll also find a few of her photo albums on her blog - yummy eye candy! Enjoy!

J'ai un autre artiste français merveilleux de perle à partager avec vous! Son nom est Liliad et elle a créé certains des morceaux perlés les plus beaux - elle est le plus en retard un flacon perlé miniature. Vérifiez son blog en cliquant sur le titre ci-dessus. Vous trouverez également quelques uns de ses albums photos sur son blog - sucrerie délicieuse d'oeil ! Appréciez !

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Table Top Studio

Taking pictures of beadwork is hard. Very hard. I've been looking for a way to create professional photos for a long time and in my search last year I found this website. Table Top Studio sells lighting kits for taking pictures. I've not bought one yet, on account of the price and hoping I could find a less expensive route. Last week I finally landed up in our local camera store, inquiring about purchasing individual components (and hoping to save a few $$). After all was said and done, the camera person told me I'd be better off buying the kit online. He thought the price was really good.

If you're interested in taking professional shots of your work, click on the title above to learn more about Table Top Studio's kits. I've included a direct link to their Bead kit, but they have others as well. Be sure to inquire about the graded background papers - the ones that fade into black - as I think these provide a very professional finish. If they don't have them, you can purchase them online here: Photo Tech

A great website with information on imaging techniques can be found here: Imaging Info

How to improve your pictures of beads and jewelry is also discussed here (and includes how to make your own setup) : Wet Canvas

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

More Beadweaver Blog Friend Updates!

I've got more updates on Beadweaver's Blog Friends!

Stephanie Distler of A Realization in Texture, Color, and Movement has opened a studio and small gallery! To read about this exciting adventure, please click HERE

The Lone Beader has completed her picture embroidery of the Divas. It's outstanding, she's so talented! Read more about the "Divas Take Atlanta" by clicking HERE

Cluny Grey of Jewelry Trends has a new series of jewelry pieces for Fall. They are lovely. Check them out by clicking HERE

Camilla of Storm Rising Designs has been exploring new marketing roads. She's written about the experience on her blog and if you're interested, be sure to check it out, she has some useful insight! She also has a gorgeous new peyote bracelet......Click HERE to read more.

Beverly Herman has some gorgeous new treasures featured on her blog: No Easy Beads

Luann Udell has a GREAT post about photo shoots and producing less expensive "Glamour Shots" for your jewelry. Find ways to make your pieces stand out. Check it out by clicking HERE

Alicia has written a short history of Swarovski, which you can read by clicking HERE

Teantae has been working on a brooch for a swap and has a few other works in progress. She and her husband look absolutely dashing in their pirate costumes: Studio Te

Linda Jones has moved her blog to a new place: Born Under A Bead Sign

And last (but not least!) Robin Atkins just had a birthday! Happy Birthday Robin! Check out her latest, wonderful-as-always, entry labelled "B": HERE

Friday, September 22, 2006

An Interview with David Chatt

I mentioned the new David Chatt video in a post earlier this week. Heather Taylor's blog, Bead Studio is showing it. You can also find the video on YouTube and I've included a direct link to the YouTube site in the title above. If you click on the title it will begin to load the video. If you'd rather go to the website itself and do a search to find it, copy and paste this site into your browser:

By the way, if you're as BIG of a fan of David Chatt as I am, you might consider purchasing his new catalog "Two Hands, Twenty Years, and a Billion Beads". It's available through his website for $20 and you can purchase it by clicking on the following link and following the directions: David's Catalog.
PS A direct link is also on his website: (Home) Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beadweaver's Blog Friends Updates

Val Magnuson has just completed another amazing beaded purse (shown right): Beading Frenzy

Connie Marie has added a new blog to her repetoire, a special place for everything beads: Connie Maries Beads

Madelaine Songe has added a new series of creations to her blog, they're gorgeous: Madeleine's Blog

I've added two bead artists to the "Eye Candy" list: Dallas Lovett and Gillian Lamb

I've not mentioned this artist's work yet, but it's quite beautiful and her presentation is superb. Ornella Aprosio is from Italy and has a shop in Florence. I've listed her gallery under the "Eye Candy" column too: Aprosio

Frany has a gorgeous new free form necklace and a new photo album to view on her blog (shown left): Frany

Marie Geraud's patterns are growing! She's added quite a few new patterns in English. If you're in need of materials for stones and sew on settings, please check out my August 2006 archives for resources. Marie's newest patterns can be found here: Bilofiches

OhMyGoodness, and if you haven't been over to Heather Taylor's blog lately, you must go. She's got an interview with David Chatt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find it by clicking here: David Chatt Speaks

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Margaux Lange's Jewelry

This artist's work speaks for itself. Click on the title above to see her website. Leave a comment to let us know what you think!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Sophie Daniel's Blog

I just discovered that Sophie Daniel (French Jewelry Designer) has a blog! I am listing her under my "Beaders Blogs" list, but you can also visit her new site by clicking on the title above. She has a number of albums to view - really nice examples of her work. She works with a variety of mediums and her work is very rich in texture and color. Have a great weekend!

Franco-American Beadwork

Okay, I couldn't think of a better title for this post. After being inspired by Marie Geraud of Biloba Bijoux, I ventured out to try beading with a sew on bezel and this is what I came up with. Marie says it looks distinctively American. I think it looks Art Deco. At any rate, it is a blend of both French and American beadwork styles.

This is my first piece using this method. I loved working with the metal bezels, it gives the work a sense of permanence, something that I feel is occasionally lost with just beadwork alone. I call this piece "L'inspiration des Biloba Bijoux". It's a substantial piece; each flower is the size of a half dollar. I'm working on taking a better picture. Hope you like it in the meantime.
French beaded bracelet
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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hilda Bernstein

Born in London and emigrating to South Africa, Hilda Bernstein was a woman, an anti-aparthied activist, and an artist. She started the Federation of South African Women, a multi-cultural organization interested in supporting women's rights and banning apartheid. For their political activism, she and her husband were run out of the country and walked on foot to Botswana. She later became an author and artist, with a "fierce commitment to humanity". She passed away on Sunday at the age of 91.

If you click on the title above, you will be redirected to a website which offers a few of her paintings and sketchings. Among these I found two to be especially striking. The first, "Cypress, Dembozo, Sahel" depicts the struggle of women and a child during a drought. It is stark and painful. The second, entitled "We Women" depicts images of women painted against a background of red, no doubt representing blood and life and struggle. Her work is not entirely about activism; she has a number of beautiful paintings of life in London and it's vibrant marketplaces. I think it is the contrast between these two worlds which I have found most thought provoking.

When one is interested in beadwork as a tool for one's own artistic expression, it is good to look at the art of other people in other fields. By doing so, we learn that our own ideas are capable of finding a means for personal expression through beadwork and that it does matter what we have to say.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

New Artists Added

Louise Hill of Louise Hill Designs has shared with me two new bead artists that she's found on the web and I think you'll enjoy seeing their work. (Thank you Louise!)

The first is Scarlett Rocks of Scarlett Rocks Designs. Scarlett is 16 and has begun designing beadwork. She has a good eye for design and is someone to keep an eye on. Her site loads slowly so be please patient.

The second is Caito Amorose of Caito Amorose dot com. Caito has been designing beadwork for a number of years and has a few award winning pieces to her credit. Be sure to check out her gallery page where you'll find some interesting and inspiring designs.

Click on the artist's name to see their individual work. I've also included them under my "Eye Candy" links. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Treasures of Toho Contest

The Treasures of Toho Bead Contest results are in! The winners are:

Wearable Art: Tatiana Van Iten
Non-Wearable: Sue Jackson and Wendy Hubick
Sculptural: Christina Manes
All AIKOs: Judy Walker

You can see Chris Mane's beautiful "Ishtar" by clicking HERE (it's absolutely amazing!) and Sue Jackson and Wendy Hubick's "Evening Bag" by clicking HERE. I was unable to find Tatiana Van Iten or Judy Walker online but if anyone knows of a link, please share!

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Whimsical Flower Bracelet

Bonnie O'Donnell-Painter has created a beautiful little bracelet of fuchsia-like flowers. Bead and Button, online, is currently offering this project for FREE. Be sure to click on the title above to get to the page for the free PDF download (971KB). These are great flowers for a bracelet or earrings!

Monday, September 04, 2006

California Beaded Basketry

While in Yosemite, we spent some time at the museum in Yosemite Village. They house a nice collection of some of the finest basketry from the area. One style of basketry uses beads as a surface embellishment. I've only seen two of these items, one from the Turtle Bay Museum collection and the second from the Yosemite collection. These baskets were woven with the beads strung onto the fiber, each coiling of the fiber setting the bead on the exterior of the basket. It's a beautiful effect and as I mentioned, less prevalent than the classic style of basket weaving. A small search on the net tells me that many of these baskets were woven by the Paiute.

One source for these beautiful baskets is Cowans The image I've shown above is actually from the Nevada State museum - click on the image to learn more about the "Frog Basket".

In searching for an example for you for beadwork woven baskets, I came across a site which offers, at auction, some beautiful beaded baskets. If you click on the title above, you will see what is currently available. There appears to be two different styles of weaving used in these baskets - one is a netting overlay from the Paiute and the other is from the Cascades and uses beadwork that appears to be intrinsic to the basket but could also be an overlay.

I also found a number of interesting items from the California Basketry website. Beadwork from Pitt River and Hat Creek can be found on this site with one tiny example of a bead embellished basket: HERE

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Yosemite Valley & the Hetch Hetchy

I'm back from a week's vacation to Yosemite Valley and the great Hetch Hetchy... Shown right is a view of Half Dome from the Yosemite Valley floor. This was taken along the old Bridle Trail, a little-used trail that circumnavigates the valley floor for 13 or so miles - a good full day's hike.

Shown left is a view of the Hetch Hetchy. The Hetch Hetchy is a valley just like Yosemite and is right next to it. In 1913, the US gov. turned it into a 400 ft deep reservoir to provide water to the San Francisco Bay Area. A lot of people would like to see it turned back to the beautiful valley it once was.

Hetch Hetchy has the finest trails and it's waterfalls are as beautiful as that of Yosemite. Galen Rowell preferred the quiet of the water-filled valley to Yosemite's crowd-filled one. It is seldom visited and the area's best kept secret.

PS: I've got lots of links in this post, so click on an image or the highlighted text to see and learn more!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bead Arts Awards

Lapidary Journal has just posted the results for its 2006 Bead Arts Awards contest. And the winner is.........Our friend Louise Hill from Louise Hill Designs! Louise has created a lovely graphic design inspired piece which features a focal bead by Patti Cahill. Louise's design "Serendipity" shares the award for Best of Competition with Kim Miles' "Exaggerated Lotus Mandala" and Linda Stiles Smith and Dale Smith's "untitled" beaded bracelet. "Serendipity" also received a First Place award in the Beaded Necklace category. Click on the title above to see the top finishers and to see more of Louise's beautiful beadwork, please click HERE.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Must Have's...

When I saw this in the Aug/Sept 2006 issue of Beadwork, I just had to dial in the website. I have wanted to purchase an artist's taboret for a long time, but I've not liked the fixed drawers or sizes. These are a much better storage option. Check it out by clicking on the title above!

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Monday, August 21, 2006

The Bead Studio Blog

I don't post on Beadweaver every day, as you know, but when I'm not posting I'm usually on this blog adding something to that each week there are new links to be found under my categories at left.

Today I want to direct you to the Bead Studio blog. The owner's name is Heather and last Friday she posted the most beautiful piece of Kumihimo work woven in soft sages and lavendars, which you can see if you click on the title above. Heather is also a co-owner of a bead store in Toronto, Canada called "Bead Junction". She is an active member of the Bead Society of Toronto and runs a discussion list on Yahoo Groups called "Bead Junction". Heather has had her blog since 2004! To see some of her work, work in progress, and to learn more aboot Canadian beaders, head over to her blog at Enjoy!

Friday, August 18, 2006

L'Artisan du Libon

I've had a difficult time finding beadwork in Lebanon. I've looked for blogs and websites, but all in English (perhaps I should try French). I did find one website, L'Artisan du Libon, which is a collective of individual artisans who make a variety of middle-eastern items for home decorating and adornment. The collective is run by three women and it employs over 800 women in their homes. I found an interesting article about this cooperative and you can read about them by clicking on the title above.

They also have a website called "Alyad" which features a large number of items. I scrolled through the items for sale and found some lovely tassled pieces under the category "Salon J06". They also have some beautiful drawer pulls made with stamped metals and glass beads. You can get to their website by clicking HERE.

I am wondering if perhaps part of my difficulty in finding any beadwork is due, in part, to the extensive bombing that has taken place (the sites are offline?). I've focused on Beirut, since it was such a cosmopolitan city. I've found a woman who sells her artwork on the cafepress shops HERE and she has a blog HERE. If anyone has a website or blog to share, please write to me, I'd love to post it!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Adina Plastelina

Over the past few weeks, I've watched the strife between Lebanon, Israel, and Hezbollah develop. I am so happy there is a cease-fire and so far, so good.... The other day, I was thinking about how one of my goals of Beadweaver is to bring together our global community of beaders. So I started thinking about where our bead friends are in Israel and Lebanon, and who are they?

I came upon this website, Adina Plastelina. It is owned by a woman named Adi Prachia. Adi lives in Jaffa, Israel and has a beautiful studio in the old part of town. She specializes in making Fimo beads and is really very good at it. I've included a link to her website in the title above, so if you click on it you will be taken there.

What struck me most about Adi's pages, is the "How" section. If you take a minute to go through it, you will be treated with photos of people from all over the world who have visited Adi in her shop. What struck me most about this section is not just the smiles on everyone's faces (can beads bring anything but happiness?!) but that it shows how much we have in common through our love for beads.

What a wonderful site and I hope that Adi and her family are safe.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Truth in Art

Robin Atkins, from, has been asking great questions this past week about what makes a masterpiece and what is truth in Art. If you have time this weekend, head over to her blog to read her thoughts and the interesting and insightful comments from fellow bloggers. Perhaps it will give you a new perspective on what Art is or maybe it will inspire you to think differently about your own Art. I know it's made me think about what I do and why I do it (Thank you Robin).

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Medieval Beadwork Page

Jen Segrest has a great little website dedicated to research on the Medieval use of beadwork in clothing and adornment. She has a number of links which include finds from the Victoria & Albert Museum, Class notes with "How-to's", and details on a 14th century (1300's) bead embroidered panel.....the website is packed with information. If you love to do beadwork - particularly for those who do bead embroidery - I recommend visiting this site, if only to get a glimpse of what beadweavers were doing 700 years ago....Click on the title above to get there. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Margie Deeb's Color!

If you're interested in color, a great newsletter to sign up for is Margie Deeb's. Margie sends out her newsletter each month and this month her topic is "Yellow". I love yellow. Especially the muted yellows - it's warm, inviting, relaxing. Not everyone likes to wear yellow, however. But Margie has some insight into how to mix yellow into your pallete and make it work.

To learn more about color, click on the title above. Margie even has podcasts! You can also read past articles by following her links to Margie's Muse.

Don't miss Robin Atkins article ( too - she's written a lovely post on color with a few sneek peeks into Margie's upcoming book, due out in 2008. Robin has been writing about what makes a masterpiece..... Be sure to check out her blog while you're out surfing...Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Victoria Broad

Good Morning! Yesterday I wrote about Victoria Broad, the French online bead store where supplies for crystals and settings and Marie le Sueur's books can be found.

Just to note, currently they are offering free overseas shipping for items under 100grams (the shopping cart keeps tally of your weight). They also take PayPal!!! Be sure if you're ordering to request that the VAT (sales tax) be removed from your order - it doesn't apply to non-EU customers, but I'm not sure if you have to use a credit card to get the refund (I'll ask and get back to you - be sure to read the comments section to this post).

To see an example of Marie le Sueur's style of pattern instructions, check out the comments on yesterday's post - you'll find direct links to two free patterns on the Victoria Broad website. If anyone tries them, please write in to let Beadweaver's readers know what you think (and of course, we'd love to see photos of your work if you feel so inspired...). Have a great Monday!

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Friday, August 04, 2006

August Bead-a-long Challenge

peyote pouch
Redthread is hosting a "Bead-a-long" for the month of August. You can sign up now through August 15th by contacting her through her blog (click on the title above). The theme is the beaded amulet bag. She's got a link to a tubular peyote tutorial on her site -"Amulet Bag Basics" - if you don't know how to weave peyote. She'll be posting all of the entries at the end of August. It looks like a lot of fun and I hope you can make it!

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Beading with Marie le Sueur

beaded rivoliI recently purchased Marie le Sueur's book " Bijoux en cristal: Dentelles de perles" or "Crystal Jewelry: Bead Lace". I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to understand, particularly since I am not fluent in French! The book begins in the classic bead-book style with an introduction that covers materials. After that however, it presents its projects in a slightly different manner: The second section of the book ("Techniques") covers the basic construction techniques for the jewelry components and the third section ("Realisation") illustrates how to put the components together. At the end of each project are lovely photos illustrating the finished work.

There are a few things that I really like about this book. First are the diagrams. They are fairly self-explanatory so that you don't need to decipher the instructions that accompany each step. What is particularly nice about the diagrams is that they are done using images of the beads themselves (a crystal bead is drawn to look like a crystal bead). I found this very helpful. I also like the format of the book - first explaining how to make the components and then providing a series of applications (projects) at the end. For example the beautiful "Maya" motif: The book illustrates variations for creating the motif and then shows how to use it in a pendant, a ring, an earring, and as the centerpiece for a bracelet (my version of the pendant is shown above in Lilac with sterling delicas and charlottes). The other thing I really like about this book is the style of beadwork. It is delicate, lacy, and not overly done. I found all of the items to be extremely attractive, feminine, and inspiring!

As the title suggests, the book uses beads and crystals. The crystal cabochons are in settings and the settings provide an important base for weaving from. Not all the projects have set crystals however, so don't let that dissuade you if you don't have any. For example there are gorgeous beaded lace projects- Motif's Valmont and Elliandre - that use crystal drops and rounds, and the "Tourvelle" bracelet (shown in my earlier post). If you are somewhat skilled at beadwork and can follow diagrams then I would highly recommend this book! To view some of the finished items be sure to check out Marie le Sueur's website HERE.

Unfortunately there aren't many places where you can purchase this book in the States. The only online U.S. retailer I found was Laci's which offers it for $42. They also offer Marie's earlier book "Bijoux en Cristal: Tissage de Pearls" for $45. Thinking I'd save money, I bypassed Laci's and went directly to (France) and purchased the book. I saved ~$8. If you go through you will need some knowledge of French to navigate the ordering process and it will take two weeks to arrive (if you click on the book image, you will be redirected to it's page on Note that overseas shipping costs ~$12 - there's no getting around it!

If you're looking for inspiration and a well-illustrated book for creating lacy beadwork with crystals, then consider this book as your next purchase. If you do buy it, take a little time to go through it as I have - remembering that the "Techniques" section is where Marie diagrams how to weave the individual components and the "Realisation" section is where she puts them all together. I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I have.

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Monday, July 31, 2006

Frany's Beadwork

free form peyoteI have another French bead artist to share with everyone today! Her name is Frany and she works primarily with free-form peyote. She has created a number of free-form pieces from bracelets to necklaces, all of which can be found on her website (click on the title above!).

One of her most distinct pieces uses Dichroic Delicas! Frany's recent work "Corail Louise Hill" uses these beads (they will be available soon through Louise Hill). Frany has taken an upclose photo so we can see how these beads dance with color. Isn't this piece lovely?! She mixed branched coral with clear drops against a background of golds, blues, lavenders and pinks which reminds me of the glistening ocean. I especially like the branching free form around the neck - it's a very feminine effect (sometimes difficult to achieve with free-form). This piece would be perfect to wear on a summer's eve for a romantic walk along the form peyote

I'm including Frany in my "Beaders Blogs" so you can keep an eye on her work in progress. Thank you so much Frany for sharing your wonderful beadwork with us!!!

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Random Beadwork....

french beaded braceletOkay, not so random! I thought I'd share a few pieces of beadwork that I've been working on.

I've written a review of Marie le Sueur's book (soon to be posted) and in order to substantiate my claims (that it is very good) I challenged myself with following one of her more difficult patterns. I don't read French but I am fairly comfortable with figuring out diagrams. The design reminds me of a lacy fleur de lis...

flower beaded braceletI also played around with an improvised version of Marie le Sueur's Maya motif. I didn't plan this one at all, it just had a mind of its own. Reminds me of the Caribbean.

I've also been working on Melanie's project.....the Spirited Iris pattern (my name for this project). I love Melanie's cabs. They're absolutely enchanting (don't you agree?!)

french beaded earringsAnd for dessert.......I wove a few of Marie Geraud's Bahia earrings. They're so beautiful - very Marie Antoinette! I added a small crystal drop to the bottom (they're beautiful both with and without the drop). Imagine these paired with a tissue linen ruffled high collar blouse and a drapey long velvet skirt...

That's all for now!

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

International Bead & Beadwork Conference

Valerie Hector is planning the International Bead and Beadwork Conference to be held in 2007 in Istanbul, Turkey. The theme is The Global Perspective of Beads and Beadwork: History, Manufacture, Trade, and Adornment. There are a number of well-known speakers lined up for this conference and there is a call for papers and workshops. To learn more about this event, please click on the title above!

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Beadwork's Beaded Bags

Interweave Press is hosting a new competition called "Beaded Bags". The entries may be posted starting August 1st and the entry deadline is January 12, 2007. It looks like a great invitation to show off your beadwork! If any of you have a bead embroidered or bead woven bag, you can enter it online by clicking on the title above and following the instructions. It sounds like a great competition (I have a fondness for bags, in case anyone noticed). Have fun and Good Luck!

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Australian Beader Magazine

australian bead magazineI've been in contact with Australian Beader Magazine and Issue #4 is due out next week. One of the projects, "Fantasia", features a sparkling crystal drop necklace made with Beadalon and clasped with a beaded flower - so delicate and so pretty! If you're interested in this new beading magazine, click on the title above to go to the magazine's website. They accept credit cards (only) for overseas subscribers. For future reference, I've listed the magazine under "Bead Magazines" so you can check out their latest editions. Enjoy!

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Pantone's Fall 2006 Fashion Trends

Pantone's Fall 2006 Fashion Trends is now online - available in a pdf format. Click on the title above to access their color and style report. You'll need to download the pdf but rather than provide a direct link, I thought I'd take you to the site - just in case you want to explore. You can also join the site for free, which gives you access to their color articles. Have fun!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sophie Daniel

I love French beadwork and Sophie Daniel's work is both beautiful and unique. Take a look at her beadwork by clicking on the title above. It's very unusual, combining a variety of textures and textiles (including beads); I'm sure you will enjoy seeing it!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Australian Beader

australian bead magazineI was over at the Beadfeed blog ( and I saw a post about a new Australian bead magazine. It looks like fun. There are a few images and a brief description of content on the magazine cover. The magazine is relatively new and is released quarterly. If anyone subscribes or has seen the magazine, please leave a comment, we'd all like to hear what it's like! To see a glimpse of issue #4, click on the title above. Enjoy!

7/11 update: Sorry about the beadfeed link, I've corrected it!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Thought for a Sunday

I just returned from a cool weekend at the coast where I discovered a lovely poster - a charcoal of whales - posted at the entrance to Greenwood Beach. The theme of the poster was the fragility of the ocean's ecosystem. Underneath the image was written a small quote ascribed to Chief Seattle of the Suquamish. It struck a certain note with me as a weaver, so I scribbled it down to share:

"Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."

For more information on about the Ocean Conservancy's efforts, click here and be sure to check out Mark Powell's blog: Blogfish. There's also a wonderful free Sea Turtle Coloring Book for kids too!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Louise Hill Designs

I just discovered Louis Hill's website and WOW, she has some beautiful pieces! I first saw Louise's beadwork published in Bead and Button magazine. Her Strawberry Dress design, a finalist in the 2003 Bead Dreams competition, was so unusual for a purse, especially with its strand of pearls. The purse has recently been featured in Stampington's magazine "Haute Handbags". Louise was also a finalist in this year's 2006 competition with her "Vitrail Serenade", a beautiful blend of colors and shapes reflected in the centerpiece - a Swarovski Vitrail cabochon. Her newest designs are made with Aiko seed beads and her latest - "Blue Sky as Ocean Blue" - is a wonderful showcase for these beads. Click on the title above to go to her website and follow the link to her portfolio. I've also included a permanent link to her gallery under the "Eye Candy" column. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Girls Got Bead Blogs

Guess what?!!! Val Magnuson has a blog! You can find her blog here or by clicking on the title above. She's got a beautiful new purse in the works, so check it out! Her blog is a great blend of her beadwork and poetry. The title is "Beading Frenzy":

I also discovered that Robin Atkins has a new blog too! Her blog is called "Bead Lust" and can be found here or copy and paste her site into your browser:
Her latest entry features a beautiful spirit doll and she wrote about it's design - it's really neat, so I highly recommend checking it out :)

I've just listed both under my Beader's Blogs (sidebar, left), so you can always see what they're up to by following the links. ("Val" and "Robin")

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Beaded Hummingbird

beaded hummingbirdI recently made a beaded hummingbird from Dragon's pattern. I used matte 14's and a small wooden bead as the armature. I also ventured out and tried our new 8.x digital camera to see how good the resolution could be. I think the photos turned out much better than I've done in the past with my 2.1! (click on the photo, left, to see a close-up view) beaded hummingbird

I hung the hummingbird on a strand of daisy chain to make a lovely long necklace. If you haven't tried Dragon's designs, I highly recommend them - they're fun and the directions are easy to follow. I've also made the Owl (in matte 14's) - which is another great pattern of hers. To see her patterns, click on the title above. Enjoy!

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Balancing Beads and Research

Pam O'Connor has written a nice article about Valerie Hector and her pursuits in the August edition of Bead and Button magazine. I found the article on B&B's site and it's free for download. Click on the title above to get to B&B's website where you can view the pdf. Incidentally, Valerie is also putting on a conference in 2007 in Turkey for bead scholars. She has an AD in the June 2006 edition of Ornament magazine for those that are interested (perhaps there will be more info in B&B's article about it). Enjoy!

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

And The Winner Is....

The winner's of B&B's Bead Dreams awards are in - check it out by clicking on the title above. There were many fine pieces that I would have liked to see as finalists... A judged show is so subjective, I think all the artists are due a congratulations for the time, effort, and artistry they exhibited. B&B will publish a special Bead Dreams edition in October, so we'll have to wait to see how it all turned out. Have fun viewing the winners!

Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm still here!

I'm still here! Just busy as can be! I spent last weekend in San Francisco and took some time to stroll down College Ave in Bezerkeley. If you're going, be sure to check out Tootsies which stocks fun and fashionable shoes and offers Pedicures to go. On College is also High Strung - a long time bead establishment which offers both beads and classes. One of the classes they teach is a gorgeous spiral peyote bead necklace with a tassle pendant - all woven in size 11's and 14's. It was very delicate and quite stunning but I wish they'd labelled the instructor's name on the class info (Here's an upclose look at Three Beads & Tassle). Be sure to also check out their Netted Necklace. I've always enjoyed High Strung and usually find something unique, but they were a bit crowded this trip, so I came back empty handed.....Fashion watch: everyone in SF is wearing white cotton skirts. They're great for hot summer days.

I haven't had much time to do beadwork this week. I've got a few irons in the fire for other projects that take me away from doing beadwork :( Yesterday I dropped off the 200 or so plants I've been growing for our local arboretum. They have a wonderful plant sale and I've got a great seed starter system that my husband built, so I've been growing some stock for them. The plants that I give two thumbs up to (for those of you who garden) are the Hibiscus Luna Pink Swirl (with blossoms to 8 inches), Hollyhock Queeny Purple (blooming the first year from seed into a fully double purple blossom) and Echinacea Magnus which grows to almost 5 feet and has giant mauve blooms (a stunning plant).

I hope everyone has been busy beading and I hope to catch up with my usual posts soon! PS If flowers inspire you, click on the title above to see T & M's garden selections!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Design Your Own Textile

I was over at the Victoria and Albert Museum and I discovered a fun little tool. Did you know you can design your own textile? You can also print it and send it as an email to a friend! Click on the title above to get to the museum. Once there, scroll down the listings at left until you reach "Design a Textile". Click on the link. Once you're done with that, if you have a knack for knitting, be sure to check out their free online pattern. The Gingerbread Cottage purse is fun! If you like purses with a theme, be sure to check out Simplicity's pattern 4159.

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Vote for the Bead Dreams Winner!

Poll is Closed. Winners will be announced on June 21st - go to the Bead and Button website to find out who the winners are!

Vote for your favorite Bead Dreams piece by June 13th. Electronic votes will all be counted and the winner will be announced on June 18th. Vote by clicking on the title above which will take you to the official voting page.

Treasure Hunt!

I thought I'd take you on a treasure hunt today.....some really fun finds, all on eBay. Click on the links to see the items. Be sure to use the back button on your browser to get back to Beadweaver as these links do not open a new window. Have fun!

1. A lovely beaded reticule, circa early 20th Century: Reticule
2. A creatively done stained glass "microbeaded" purse: Stain Glass
3. A gorgeous 1920's embroidered lace dress: Dress
4. A jeweled purse fit for a queen (or a princess!): Purse
5. Stunning "carnival glass" beads necklace: Necklace
6. 1957 Vera Miles Paper Dolls (SO stylish!): Paper Dolls
7. Fruit glass bead necklace (So much fun!): Fruit

Monday, June 05, 2006

Connection Speed

Dear Readers,
I thought I'd post a little note about the slow connection......My blog consistently ranks high for content but low for connection. The reason for this is that I put up high quality images (50kb) on my site for you to enjoy. I hate poor quality photos and sometimes a lot is lost when I lower the image quality.
If you'd like Beadweaver's loading time to be faster, please add a comment to this note and let me know. I can change the site and make it faster, if that matters to you.

Val Magnuson's Artistic Purses

Today I'd like to share with you a little treasure....Beautifully beaded images....extravagant metallic and cut beads.......functional and fabulous......These words describe Val Magnuson's beaded purses. Made with a variety of beads and crystals, Val's purses offer a chance to own and enjoy an artist's vision of a wonderful (and highly collectible) art.

Val's purses are loom-woven using a variety of bead sizes (see image at right). Her latest piece reminds me of a cross between a kuba cloth and a celtic design and is just gorgeous. If you look closely at the image, you might see her signature - can you find it? (It's very clever!). These purses take 100's of hours to complete. Besides being loom woven (and tying off all those threads) they must also be attached to a purse frame, lined, and fringed. I can't wait to see the finished purse!

One of Val's most recent works features the Fox Theatre, shown left. The Fox Theatre is a landmark historic theatre in Detroit. Built in 1928, its marquee is typical of the style and beautifully re-created in Val's purse. Also an avid poet (She's published several books of poetry), Val occasionally inscribes lines from a poem onto the back of these silken beauties.

Shown right is Val's beautiful Kilim Purse in aquas, pinks, and metallics and woven with tiny, tiny seed beads. According to Val, "This [purse] was very difficult, but I love to challenge myself and am always up to something new. The kilim purse is made with true cuts [and the] holes so small- I wondered how I could do the fringe. I finally ended up using zero zero thread and the tiniest needle. I had to use 3 x glass to thread the needle!" Truly, this is a labor of love!

I found many images of Val's work featured on a number of web sites (click on the name to view): Land of Odds Gallery, Shipwreck Beads Gallery, Suzanne Cooper's Gallery, Beaded Images Gallery, Aryhonel, and the Thread Heaven Gallery. Val also has a long list of publications and will be featured in this month's edition of Strut Magazine.To find out more about Val's work (she has a few pieces currently for sale), click HERE to send her a note. I'm sure she'd love to hear from you!

Thank you Val for sharing your beadwork with us -it's both beautiful and inspirational!
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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Busy as a Bee

I thought I'd share a few images of things I've been working on. The first is my messenger bag. It's really big. I had no idea it would be so big! Why do people like big bags? Everyone loved it at class and wanted to make their own. Even my Mom loves it and wants me to make her one. You know, it does have one very nice feature: I can put all my sewing gear into it and haul it off to class. That's kindof neat...And come Fall, I can put all my bead class goodies in it and haul them off to class....And you know, it kindof looks good sitting next to the front door asking "Where will you take me next?"..... I think I'm starting to like this big bag.....How'd that happen?! :)~ PS The exterior fabric is honeybees on a honeycomb and the interior is just the honeycomb.

I've been working on some bead things. I can't put the full images up yet until the recipients receive these little lovelies (because they might see them on my site!). So here's a close up image with full ones to come soon!

Meanwhile, I've been working on Melanie's cab project. I know exactly what I want to do. But the big thing is getting it to work. I must make the "Function" before I can make the "Form". (Form Follows Function). Before I can begin my weaving, I had to design the prototype, which is what I have been doing when not posting on Beadweaver. I can't show you the prototype, because it would give away the surprise! (I'm saving the finished piece in it's full form for the very end). I hope to start weaving once I've transferred the keep staying tuned! Shown right are the two fabrics I've chosen for the project - a blue suede and a lovely little art nouveau iris design...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bead It Forward

Jeanette Shanigan is putting together a beaded quilt and is asking the beading community to bead a small 1.5" x 1.5" square to contribute to the quilt. The theme is "Metamorphosed like the Butterfly" and the beaded square should represent the butterfly theme. Sounds beautiful, doesn't it?! I've included a link to the pdf "rules" and the squares must be received no later than April of 2007. I'm also including the project under "Support Beaders" at left, in case you need to click back here in the future. The quilt will be auctioned off at the annual "Bead Artists Against Breast Cancer" fundraising event.
I think it's a great idea and hope everyone who reads this will contribute too!!!
PS If you have a blog, please create a link to the event - let's get as many beaders involved in this as we can, not only is it a great cause, but I can't wait to see the finished piece!!!!
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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Lone Beader

I've discovered another great blog of a great beading artist: The Lone Beader. Her work encompasses bead embroidery and includes beadwork interspersed on oil paintings. Currently she's working on an owl "painting" which I think is going to be just gorgeous when she's done. My favorite is her "Rudy's Dream"; the red chair is a wonderful backdrop for the little dog and she's done a great job of shading and texturizing. I think it's outstanding. She is also featured in this month's Beadwork magazine: "What Our Reader's Did". Be sure to check out her blog by clicking on the title above. I think you'll find her work very inspirational!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Create Your Own Linked Tabs

Bravenet News just delivered a nifty newsletter which includes step by step instructions for creating clickable tabs with HTML. You'll need Photoshop to create your tabs....but the possibilities are endless. The Bravenet team also includes the CSS rules for proper spacing and placement on your site. If you're new to blogging, check it out. You can add tabs to your site or buttons - or beads - or even your own decide! What a great way to make your site look both professional and personal. Click on the title above to get to the step by step instructions. If you create tabs and upload them on your site, will you send me a link? I'd love to see what you do! Have fun!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lowell Herrero's Art Prints

I love Lowell Herrero and I thought I'd share his website with you. You may have seen his cards at Long's....which is where I first found his depiction of a group of ladies enjoying a day at the beach: "Beach Vacation". My favorite series is his "Seaside Characters" which I've included a link to in the title above. His rendering of large women is so wonderful and a great reminder that beauty comes in all sizes. Enjoy!