Monday, January 23, 2006

In-Depth Look at Color Trends for Jewelry

According to, this year's colors and fashion styles are warm, clean, and bright fused with a trend towards a sophisticated minimalism. Described as "Uber Luxury", the style is one of elegance and emphasizes polished and burnished metals with a use of unusual materials and excellent craftsmanship.
Colors: A brisk sky blue, seafoam, deeply hued orange, midnight blue, yellows, rich browns, neo-pink, and avocado green.
Metals: Silver, gold, and bronze.

For beadwork, this translates into using simple designs that emphasize the beauty in an unusual bead or component and choosing beads with exceptional color depth in combination with neutrals such as black, white, and the metals. Use inexpensive, yet elegant components such as natural pearls, large crystals, and quality metal findings for added style (Tierra Cast provides reasonably affordable and unusual findings). Keep your eye open for unusual vintage or antique components from found jewelry that can provide that special "Aha!" to your work. Have fun designing!
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