Sunday, January 01, 2006

Search My Site Update

I just discovered that at the top of the page of my blog - the very top where it's a cream color - there's a little box that says "Search This Blog". How long has that been there?

To search for anything I've written in the Beadweaver blog, place your keywords into the box, click on "Search This Blog" and voila! Wow. Maybe I should cut back on the Pop Tarts.


Jake said...

That Blogger search box has been up there for a long time. I think Blogger added it a few months after they were bought out by Google.

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SuzyQ said...

Thanks Jake! Don't know why I didn't notice before. At work today there was a new sign, front and center, above the sink - telling each person they had to wash their own dishes. I missed that one too. :P