Saturday, February 25, 2006


2/26 Update: I couldn't wait! I still have lots more changes, but thought I'd give this a go! Hope you like it.... PS Blogger has some new templates - for those of you who blog, you can find them here:

Beadweaver is getting a make-over! After toying with the idea of changing the site design, I've begun working on a new layout. I like the current "Scribe" layout of Beadweaver, however I've noticed that while it looks great on my Mac, it looks horrid on my PC. And since 70% of the world's computers are PC's, I thought I'd do something about it. To take a look at the work-in-progress, you can click on the title above which will take you to my seedbeads blog - where the design process is ongoing. I hope to have the make-over complete within a week, so stay tuned!

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