Thursday, March 02, 2006


I was writing an article for Beadweaver earlier today about dual booting of Mac OS and Windows XP on the IBM Thinkpad and what it might entail in the future for users of Beadscape. Of course, this was all predicated on two things: One, that Beadscape was going to finally come out with the updated version they've been promising since 2004. Two, that the new Mac OS ("Intellese") would continue to offer a Classic platform. Apparently I was wrong on both counts. Not only is Apple planning on dumping the Classic feature in Intel OS's (rendering Classic software obsolete) but worse, the creators of Beadscape - Gigagraphica - recently announced that they are no longer going to upgrade Beadscape.

For now, those of us with a Mac and Beadscape will have to hold on to our computers to run our program. If you haven't purchased Beadscape but have always wanted to, you still can, you just have to use a Mac that doesn't run on the Intellese platform. Let's just say our prayers that somehow this will out work out in the end. Maybe Apple will make them a deal they can't refuse? (Beadscape has no plans to be sold). My fingers remain crossed.
PS: Graphic inspired by Dori over at (as well as source info)

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Suzanne said...

In all these years, there has never been a program to compare to Beadscape. I've taken programming languages and would love to build a similar program for the pc. Anybody know who the developer was and how to get in contact with him/her?

SuzyQ said...

Hi suzanne,
Try contacting Leslie Rogalski HERE. She might be able to help you...