Thursday, March 23, 2006

Monkey Biz at the Nancy Hoffman Gallery

Last year the Nancy Hoffman Gallery held an exhibit called "Monkey Biz" which featured works from a South African non-profit organization. 450 women participate in this organization and create beaded works for sale. The web link I've provided in the title above takes you directly to individual images of items in the exhibit. All are unique and wonderful pieces. To see the installation, click here.

As you scroll down the page through the gallery images, take note that there are four pages of individual items to view. On page one is a brief overview of the Monkey Biz project and on page two is a special word about their creation of "Monkey Press" and their first publication "Positively HIV" which is illustrated with beaded figures. They've gone on to open a medical clinic to help the beaders and their communities. It's a great organization doing great things in a very positive and beadful way. I hope you enjoy their story as much as their artwork.

To learn more about Monkey Biz' Beadwork Initiative, click HERE and be sure to read their "services" section. You can order their products and support them through their website. I've also added them to a new link section on the right "Support Beaders"!

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