Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Vintage Couture

Couture Allure is a blog (and ebay seller) that specializes in all things vintage. Couture that is! Clothing, purses, jewelry, hats, shoes, the list is endless. I find a lot of inspiration for my beadwork from past styles and designs - some designs are timeless. For example, if you click on the title above (or the image right), you'll see a lovely little spring/summer dress in black and white with red-center daisies. It's as perfect for today as it was for yesterday! I really enjoyed going through the ebay store, which is very well organized. I clicked on the "50's Fashion" and found a fun beaded circle skirt dress which is as glamorous as it is beadutiful (featured left). I find things as simple as fabric designs and color combinations to be a great inspiration for beadwork. Or how an item is put together - what's it's focal point? What does the piece say - feminine? geometric? sophisticated? - and how does it accomplish that? To see the blog of Couture Allure, click on the title above. From there you will be able to access the ebay stores to see prices. Caution - you might find something you can't live without! It's a great site, rich with inspiration and a reminder of what makes fashion so fashionable. Enjoy!
(Images: Courtesy of Couture Allure)

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