Friday, April 07, 2006

Beading At The Beach

Bobbi Kirk from Newport, Oregon just launched her blog "Beading at the Beach" and shares with us some of her latest beadwork endeavors. What I really like about her work is the materials she uses. They complement her designs and give them a soft, classic appeal. I love her "Mermaid" - the colors and the beads remind me of the ocean- and her "Benu Bird" captures the asian aesthetic extremely well. I didn't know much about her until she posted her new blog. She has a website and on her website is her artist's statement. I think the following is a great characterization of her work (in her own words):

"My current work is exploring basic themes that seem to meet in each theme is the connection between people and nature - particularly watery nature, as manifested in oceans, bays, rivers, etc. Another is the nature of mortality, and the ways we have tried to protect ourselves from it throughout the ages. Although my pieces are not directly representational, they are intended to convey something of the respect and awe I feel for the natural environment I am a part of."

It's great to see her blogging so we can learn more about her and her work. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work Bobbi! Click on the title above to get to her blog and don't forget to subscribe to your favorite blogs through Bloglines. Enjoy your travels!
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