Friday, April 07, 2006

Will Macs Finally Rule?!!

Macs & Windows...Windows & Macs. I was reading yesterday's paper this morning and on the front page was an article about Macs being able to boot up Windows. Apple has a new program called 'Boot Camp' which is being offered as a freeware (creatively called "public beta" - which means at some point they'll pull it) and installs all the necessary drivers to run Windows on a Mac. We all know this is old news (OLD, meaning we already knew about the cross-over abilities of the new Intel Macs). What's new news is that Apple is *finally* taking the initiative (MS is nowhere to be found on this one). Riding on the coat-tails of the iPod sensation, things just keep getting better and better. It's a brilliant strategy to win over new fans to Macintosh. Finally.

I love Macs. I've owned one for almost three years and I love it. I learned on a Mac - back in 1985 when they first came out. I fell in love with them but could never quite afford one since I was a starving student for years. All of my computers have been hand-me-downs. I'd take anyone's "old" computer because it was always better than mine. And they were all PCs. I remember groaning at these machines, hitting the monitors and saying "Why can't these run like a Mac - why do I have to program in DOS??!!!" ARGH! Then out came Windows (still not a Mac)...... Then I got a job. Then I paid off my student loans. Then I saved my money. Then I bought a Mac. Whohoooo!!!!! (Once a Mac lover, always a Mac lover).

Of course there are critics who say this will kill Apple once and for all. I tend to differ. Why? For one simple reason. Because Bill Gates would never dream of offering a program to run OS on a PC. Even if he did, he'd be a day late and a dollar short. After all, it's all about consumer packaging as iPod so clearly has shown (Will U2 be their commercial spokesman? Or perhaps Dave Matthews?).

I can't think of a better example of "Karma" at work. :) And isn't "Boot Camp" just the most appropriate title? Go Apple! Have a great day.

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