Friday, May 05, 2006

Shop Etsy by Color

I was over at the Etsy shops earlier today. You know, I think it's the greatest thing to hit the internet. I can't wait until I'm done with a project that I've been working on and I can set up a shop of my own!!! Anyway, what I wanted to write about is this really funky feature of Etsy. They have a page where you can choose a color from a color "chart" (well, it's not really a chart but it's a really coooooool color picker) and then it will show you items that have that color range. As if that wouldn't be enough, you can then throw it out (literally toss the item off the page!) and look at the next item. Each item comes up with it's own little "sales tag" which allows you to click directly on the item and go from there. You can also reload the color "chart" to start over (click on "clean up" at the top of the screen). Check it out by clicking on the title above.

Some shops that I want to mention too, that have way cool things, are MaryMo's Handbags and Bonnie heart Clyde's t-shirts. These links came to me from Hello Indie's ezine. And don't forget to check out Janet's new Etsy shop Firefly Lampwork Beads! Enjoy!

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