Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Beaded Hummingbird

beaded hummingbirdI recently made a beaded hummingbird from Dragon's pattern. I used matte 14's and a small wooden bead as the armature. I also ventured out and tried our new 8.x digital camera to see how good the resolution could be. I think the photos turned out much better than I've done in the past with my 2.1! (click on the photo, left, to see a close-up view) beaded hummingbird

I hung the hummingbird on a strand of daisy chain to make a lovely long necklace. If you haven't tried Dragon's designs, I highly recommend them - they're fun and the directions are easy to follow. I've also made the Owl (in matte 14's) - which is another great pattern of hers. To see her patterns, click on the title above. Enjoy!

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Beading Help Web Editorial Team said...

This is absolutely exquisite! I'll bet it draws comments every time you wear it. :-)

SuzyQ said...

Thanks so much! I love this little bird! I wore it to work the other day and got lots of ooooos and aaaahhhhs.

sharonb said...

This is lovely - I think your interpretaion of colours is better than the sample on the Dragon desings site- really lovely

SuzyQ said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks! :):):)

The Lone Beader said...

I love your hummingbird:) Any idea how long that took you to make??

SuzyQ said...

Hi Diana,
Gosh, that's a good question! The first one that I ever did took a bit of time - mostly to figure out the pattern, although the pattern is relatively simple. I usually piecemeal my work....I'd say for this one, about 4 to 6 hours but I haven't made one in over a year, so perhaps more on the side of 6 hours. The tail and the wings take longer than the body. The necklace takes about an hour or so extra.
It's worth making one and then if you like them, the next ones you make will go pretty quickly.

Bénédicte said...

This small bird is a wonder! It is adorable, and what a fabulous work!!

SuzyQ said...

Thank you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Please share the pattern Want to make one for my 90 year old mother. thank you

SuzyQ said...