Monday, June 05, 2006

Connection Speed

Dear Readers,
I thought I'd post a little note about the slow connection......My blog consistently ranks high for content but low for connection. The reason for this is that I put up high quality images (50kb) on my site for you to enjoy. I hate poor quality photos and sometimes a lot is lost when I lower the image quality.
If you'd like Beadweaver's loading time to be faster, please add a comment to this note and let me know. I can change the site and make it faster, if that matters to you.


Anonymous said...

Don't change it, the quality is more important than speed. You do a great job.... don't fix what isn't broken.


SuzyQ said...

Thanks Linda! :)

LJ said...

A good photo is worth waiting for. This is a site where the visuals really count. And I wouldn't change a thing!

SuzyQ said...

Hi lj,
Thanks for your comments - I'm so glad to hear this!