Thursday, June 29, 2006

Girls Got Bead Blogs

Guess what?!!! Val Magnuson has a blog! You can find her blog here or by clicking on the title above. She's got a beautiful new purse in the works, so check it out! Her blog is a great blend of her beadwork and poetry. The title is "Beading Frenzy":

I also discovered that Robin Atkins has a new blog too! Her blog is called "Bead Lust" and can be found here or copy and paste her site into your browser:
Her latest entry features a beautiful spirit doll and she wrote about it's design - it's really neat, so I highly recommend checking it out :)

I've just listed both under my Beader's Blogs (sidebar, left), so you can always see what they're up to by following the links. ("Val" and "Robin")

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The Lone Beader said...

Oh Wow!! Thanks for sharing that link:)

SuzyQ said...

Hi Diana,
No problem! I also added some new sites to my "Beader's Blogs" - check out Sueta and Katie's links too.
Happy Fourth!