Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm still here!

I'm still here! Just busy as can be! I spent last weekend in San Francisco and took some time to stroll down College Ave in Bezerkeley. If you're going, be sure to check out Tootsies which stocks fun and fashionable shoes and offers Pedicures to go. On College is also High Strung - a long time bead establishment which offers both beads and classes. One of the classes they teach is a gorgeous spiral peyote bead necklace with a tassle pendant - all woven in size 11's and 14's. It was very delicate and quite stunning but I wish they'd labelled the instructor's name on the class info (Here's an upclose look at Three Beads & Tassle). Be sure to also check out their Netted Necklace. I've always enjoyed High Strung and usually find something unique, but they were a bit crowded this trip, so I came back empty handed.....Fashion watch: everyone in SF is wearing white cotton skirts. They're great for hot summer days.

I haven't had much time to do beadwork this week. I've got a few irons in the fire for other projects that take me away from doing beadwork :( Yesterday I dropped off the 200 or so plants I've been growing for our local arboretum. They have a wonderful plant sale and I've got a great seed starter system that my husband built, so I've been growing some stock for them. The plants that I give two thumbs up to (for those of you who garden) are the Hibiscus Luna Pink Swirl (with blossoms to 8 inches), Hollyhock Queeny Purple (blooming the first year from seed into a fully double purple blossom) and Echinacea Magnus which grows to almost 5 feet and has giant mauve blooms (a stunning plant).

I hope everyone has been busy beading and I hope to catch up with my usual posts soon! PS If flowers inspire you, click on the title above to see T & M's garden selections!

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