Monday, July 31, 2006

Frany's Beadwork

free form peyoteI have another French bead artist to share with everyone today! Her name is Frany and she works primarily with free-form peyote. She has created a number of free-form pieces from bracelets to necklaces, all of which can be found on her website (click on the title above!).

One of her most distinct pieces uses Dichroic Delicas! Frany's recent work "Corail Louise Hill" uses these beads (they will be available soon through Louise Hill). Frany has taken an upclose photo so we can see how these beads dance with color. Isn't this piece lovely?! She mixed branched coral with clear drops against a background of golds, blues, lavenders and pinks which reminds me of the glistening ocean. I especially like the branching free form around the neck - it's a very feminine effect (sometimes difficult to achieve with free-form). This piece would be perfect to wear on a summer's eve for a romantic walk along the form peyote

I'm including Frany in my "Beaders Blogs" so you can keep an eye on her work in progress. Thank you so much Frany for sharing your wonderful beadwork with us!!!

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red thread arts said...

that's beautiful -- I really appreciate your bringing work like this to the fore!

SuzyQ said...

Hi Redthread!
Thanks for writing in. BTW - anyone reading this - you can see Redthread's site/blog listed at the top of my "Beaders Blogs" so be sure to head on over to her site!