Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Margie Deeb's Color!

If you're interested in color, a great newsletter to sign up for is Margie Deeb's. Margie sends out her newsletter each month and this month her topic is "Yellow". I love yellow. Especially the muted yellows - it's warm, inviting, relaxing. Not everyone likes to wear yellow, however. But Margie has some insight into how to mix yellow into your pallete and make it work.

To learn more about color, click on the title above. Margie even has podcasts! You can also read past articles by following her links to Margie's Muse.

Don't miss Robin Atkins article (Beadlust.blogspot.com) too - she's written a lovely post on color with a few sneek peeks into Margie's upcoming book, due out in 2008. Robin has been writing about what makes a masterpiece..... Be sure to check out her blog while you're out surfing...Have a great Tuesday!


Robin said...

Thanks for the nudge toward my blog and mention of Margie's newsletter, muse and forthcoming book. Also thanks for your insightful comment to my blog about truth in art.

I love yellow too... Will you use it more and or differently because of Margie's article about it?

SuzyQ said...

Hi Robin,
Thank you so much for the question. I love your questions!

Yellow.......Yes, Margie's article has me thinking more about yellow. I now think of it as an "attracting" color, as she mentioned, to bring one's eye to a focal point or to enliven a piece. I used to shy away from it a bit - at least as a main color in a piece of jewelry because so many people have difficulty wearing yellow (especially if there are yellow tones in one's skin).

I love to mix a soft pastel yellow with a darker shade of red, where red is the dominant background and yellow is a focal point. This is a color scheme I have borrowed from the ethnic art of Africa. So if you can imagine a red ochre with a pastel yellow, to me it is a soothing (because of the pastel) and very attractive combination. It was satisfying to read Margie's article too in that it affirmed that yellow could be used in a beautiful way.

Since I am working on Melanie's 'Spirited Iris' which uses yellow, Margie's article has made me think about using more yellow in it. There is a flower at the bottom of the image and originally I was going to work this in cream colors. I may still but for now, I've begun the flower using the same yellow I used in the center of each Iris petal. Perhaps I will use a mix. The overall colors are rather muted, so Margie's article did make me think about enlivening this color scheme a bit more by using more yellow in it. Melanie's work has a heart-felt quality to it - a joie de vivre - as does she, so I want the Iris to reflect that.

Thank you so much for asking the questions that you ask. They have gotten me to think about my work in a more significant way. I've been in a bit of a rut - a "where am I going with all of this" rut - and they are helping me to understand where I want to go and what I want to do. I am deeply grateful for that.