Sunday, September 24, 2006

More Beadweaver Blog Friend Updates!

I've got more updates on Beadweaver's Blog Friends!

Stephanie Distler of A Realization in Texture, Color, and Movement has opened a studio and small gallery! To read about this exciting adventure, please click HERE

The Lone Beader has completed her picture embroidery of the Divas. It's outstanding, she's so talented! Read more about the "Divas Take Atlanta" by clicking HERE

Cluny Grey of Jewelry Trends has a new series of jewelry pieces for Fall. They are lovely. Check them out by clicking HERE

Camilla of Storm Rising Designs has been exploring new marketing roads. She's written about the experience on her blog and if you're interested, be sure to check it out, she has some useful insight! She also has a gorgeous new peyote bracelet......Click HERE to read more.

Beverly Herman has some gorgeous new treasures featured on her blog: No Easy Beads

Luann Udell has a GREAT post about photo shoots and producing less expensive "Glamour Shots" for your jewelry. Find ways to make your pieces stand out. Check it out by clicking HERE

Alicia has written a short history of Swarovski, which you can read by clicking HERE

Teantae has been working on a brooch for a swap and has a few other works in progress. She and her husband look absolutely dashing in their pirate costumes: Studio Te

Linda Jones has moved her blog to a new place: Born Under A Bead Sign

And last (but not least!) Robin Atkins just had a birthday! Happy Birthday Robin! Check out her latest, wonderful-as-always, entry labelled "B": HERE


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning me:)

SuzyQ said...

Hi Diana,
It's a truly outstanding piece.
Thanks for sharing your creativity with us all.