Saturday, September 09, 2006

New Artists Added

Louise Hill of Louise Hill Designs has shared with me two new bead artists that she's found on the web and I think you'll enjoy seeing their work. (Thank you Louise!)

The first is Scarlett Rocks of Scarlett Rocks Designs. Scarlett is 16 and has begun designing beadwork. She has a good eye for design and is someone to keep an eye on. Her site loads slowly so be please patient.

The second is Caito Amorose of Caito Amorose dot com. Caito has been designing beadwork for a number of years and has a few award winning pieces to her credit. Be sure to check out her gallery page where you'll find some interesting and inspiring designs.

Click on the artist's name to see their individual work. I've also included them under my "Eye Candy" links. Enjoy!


TeAntae said...

YAY! More eye candy and inspiration. Thanks! And thank you for adding me to the Beader's Blogs list. =)

SuzyQ said...

Hi Teantae,
Glad you like it! :)