Thursday, September 07, 2006

Treasures of Toho Contest

The Treasures of Toho Bead Contest results are in! The winners are:

Wearable Art: Tatiana Van Iten
Non-Wearable: Sue Jackson and Wendy Hubick
Sculptural: Christina Manes
All AIKOs: Judy Walker

You can see Chris Mane's beautiful "Ishtar" by clicking HERE (it's absolutely amazing!) and Sue Jackson and Wendy Hubick's "Evening Bag" by clicking HERE. I was unable to find Tatiana Van Iten or Judy Walker online but if anyone knows of a link, please share!

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SuzyQ said...

Louise Hill shared these links with me:
Judy Walker can be found in the Gallery section of this website:

Tatiana Van Iten can be found on the Lapidary Journal website:

the lone beader said...

Wow, Ishtar IS amazing!!!

Alisia said...

Also, her Tatianas win can be found here...

Alisia said...

Oh, yes the winning design by Jody Walker...The bead ball.