Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bead and Button

Bead and Button has just released it's 2007 schedule of classes. It can be purchased online through Kalmbach publishing. This year they are offering three Master Classes. Diane Fitzgerald is teaching a class on the design techniques of costume jewelers such as Miriam Haskell. Applicants must submit a registration form along with $100 which will then be entered into a lottery. To read more about the Master Classes, click on the title above. Wouldn't it be great if B&B offered a scholarship for an aspiring young artist?

Kalmbach publishing is also looking for an Editor and Associate Editor for Bead and Button Magazine. The position of Editor requires significantly more experience but if you're skilled at beading techniques and enjoy writing, you might consider the Associate Editor position. To learn more, click HERE.


TeAntae said...

I have to say that I'm not impressed with the master class(es) being offered. It's personal taste I know but as much as I'd love to take a class with Diane Fitzgerald, one on using those metal shapes with the wholes in it just doesn't do it for me. Ah well.

SuzyQ said...

Hi Teantae,
Thanks for writing and sharing your opinion. I don't care for the sample but I do like the work of Miriam Haskell and her contemporaries. eBay has some great examples of this style of work.
For those who are interested in pursuing this style on their own, check out the kits on www.costumejewelrysupplies.com
and the supplies on www.bsueboutiques.com

beadbabe49 said...

I am rather appalled by the $950 price tag on the class! Does this seem over the top to anyone else or am I the only one who finds it a bit too much?

TeAntae said...

Thanks SuzyQ for the links and suggestions for better samples of the style. Again, it's just not my thing. I did like the Maltese Cross necklace kit though over on the costumejewelrysupplies.com site.

I'm with you beadbabe49. I know it's 3 days of class and you get a nice selection of convention goodies but I'm just not seeing the value. And I still need to spend another $30 on supplies! That shoulld already be part of my fees.

I've taken classes that have run anywhere from a day to a whole week that didn't cost and arm and a leg, and I learned so much. For the longer classes, they did cost around that much but that was because it also included room and board. There are several teachers who I'd give anything to learn from, and I'm sure they'll cost more than other classes because of their names, but for $950 I want more than a name. My $0.02.

SuzyQ said...

I'd have to agree, I think the price should cover a five day course instead of three and the kit should be included. I guess if one compares the price to say a jeweler's course, it is probably comparable. I once looked at a week long course for Navajo weaving and it ran in the $1200 range - which I thought was expensive but potentially a good value if one learned the secrets. I appreciate your sharing your thoughts because it's interesing to know what the perceived value of the B&B classes are. I still wish B&B would offer a scholarship for someone who may be passionate about this style but doesn't have the financial ability to pursue it.