Monday, October 16, 2006

Connie Marie's Slide Show

I was just over at Connie Marie's new bead blog My Beadwork Projects and I discovered her slide show! Last Wednesday, she posted a slide show of pieces of her beadwork and it's a lovely format. What's especially nice about it is that the viewer can't take a photo off the slide show and save to their hard drive. You might be wondering why that would be an issue, but all of us risk our work being copied if we post it to the internet, and this might be one way around that.

You can create your own slide show on, here's the direct link: Slide dot com

I can't wait to try it!!!


Sharon R said...

SuzyQ -- Unfortunately, someone CAN take an image that's in this slide show format and copy it to their hard drive. It takes a couple of more steps, so they must really want the image, but it can be done.

Sharon in Chicago

SuzyQ said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for writing about this. I do know that if someone can read code that they can get it off their hard drive. I have a Mac and I can't read the code, or at least I don't know how to. I think this is one step towards discouraging the taking of images though.