Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Artisan Links

I've just added a few more links to my "Eye Candy" list. Most of them are from the Shepherdess bead store in San Diego (click on the title above to see their website). I also added Yoshie Marubashi - from the Bead Society of Greater New York:

Marcie Stone
Ann Severine
Maggie Meister
Gwen Gibson
Marcia DeCoster
Yoshie Marubashi


TeAntae said...

One day I think I'm going to sit in my studio with a mug of hot chocolate and cookies and go through ever single link you've got... and simply be in awe. Thank you for all your hardwork. =)

LJ said...

Once again...GRATITUDE. These are fabulous artists and very inspiring. I need three more lifetimes, minimum, to try out all the ideas I get from visiting the links on this site. Amazing works!

Philomène said...

Thank you, thank you !!!
Quelle générosité !
Tous ces liens sont fabuleux !!!