Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fire Jewels

Louise Hill of Louise Hill Designs shared with me this interesting new product. It's a Swarovski crystal illuminated by an LED and run via a battery pack in the clasp. The original design entailed using guitar wires to transfer the current from the battery to the crystal. Have you seen one? The product is not a product of Swarovski, but is a product of FireJewels, an independant manufacturer who uses Swarovski components in its designs. To read more about these crystals, click on the title above and you'll be redirected to the manufacturer's home site.


Galatéa said...

Comme celà brille ! Merci de partager avec nous cette découverte.

SuzyQ said...

N'est-il pas beau ? Merci à Louise du partage aussi !

Frany said...

C'est superbe !!!! Thanks Louise too !!!

143 said...

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SuzyQ said...

Thank you for sharing!