Friday, January 26, 2007

Alexandra Zonis

Perhaps you've seen her beadwork? Beautiful textiles woven in glass...A collection Alexandra Zonis calls "Magic Carpets". This talented artist uses Delica beads to create tapestries reminiscent of the beautiful kilims and textile designs of the Middle East. Each tapestry takes hundreds of hours to complete. All are loom woven, each warp thread tied off by weaving back into the tapestry, a hugely time consuming process. I especially like the yellow Moroccan Tapestry which is due to be finished this spring. To see her work, click on the title above. You can also read more about her design process by clicking HERE. I hope you are inspired!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Susan! I am so touched to find, stumble really upon my name in your blog. The Moroccan tapestry is now complete, it is called Dessuart. The most recent news about it is that it is going to be featured on the front cover of my husband's new book. As you can imagine - I am very excited.

Thanks again.