Friday, January 12, 2007


Trollbeads are beads created by a Scandinavian company and used in bracelets. They are whimsical and fun and are similar to the popular US "charm bracelets". To read about Troll beads, click on the title above. If you are interested in building your own troll bead bracelet, try If you're looking for good US prices, try searching Google with the term "Trollbeads".


Anonymous said...

I am a Trollbead-aholic! I know I am not the only one out there! I have bought from a variety of places. Doing this I have met many interesting individuals and of course many not so interesting. You need to find a source whose love of Trollbeads match your own.The hunt is the thrill and when when you've found something to quench your passion you want to connect with the source, be at one so to speak. Honestly I have tried so many sources on the net from Ebay to Europe and you need a strong connection to get the best knowledge on new beads, retired beads and unique beads. You'll find the more you get into Troll beads you'll want to learn more. Google Trollbeads and cruise around the various sites. Some of the ones that come up don't even sell Troll beads and ones that do a good job and some that do a great job. Make that connection, it can only enhance your enjoyment of your hobby...OK, addiction! Happy Troll Hunting -Trolloupie.

little miss trollbead said...

its good to know i am not the only one out there; i continue the search to gain a sacred connection with the perfect bead.

Fellow Trolloupie