Monday, February 05, 2007

Jane Burch Cochran

Jane Burch Cochran uses beads and buttons to embellish the surfaces of beautiful, handmade art quilts. What makes her work particularly unique is the way she uses beads for her surface design. If you look closely, you'll see her beads outlining a figure or adding dots for emphasis. It's difficult to choose a favorite, but I am particularly drawn to her two quilts "Life Line" and "Winged Victory". I like how she has used white beads as dots, varying in density, to give the figures they surround an ethereal quality. In other works, her beads and buttons appears like stars. I love "Last Dance" too! I bet her quilts are gorgeous in person. Click on the title above to view her work. Enjoy!

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kstyle said...

These are amazing. So creative. k

SuzyQ said...

It's so nice to see an artist using beads in a unique way.