Thursday, February 08, 2007


I love the name Pandora. It's the name of an exciting, new website that plays popular music, streaming as a radio. The "Radio Stations" are set up by the user based on a style of music the user chooses. So, for example, I created a station based on "Robinella" a great new female vocalist from Tennessee. Pandora will then stream music based on her style of work. As a user, you have the option of voting on what songs you like or don't like. It's a completely customizable radio station. And you can create more than one.

Pandora is the child prodigy of a group of musicians and Tim Westergren, who together started the Music Genome Project. Not all musicians or songs are in the database yet - I tried "Miriam Makeba" but she's not on board. Yet. When Pandora couldn't find her, they promised me they would research her and get back to me.

Pandora gets its customers by word of mouth.

To read about the genius behind the madness, check out Tech Republic's article on Tim Westergren. To learn more about how Pandora works, check out Wikipedia's review. Or just click on the title above and set up your own Radio Station. It's easy.

PS To see my current radio stations, scroll to the bottom of Beadweaver and on the left you'll see "Robinella Radio" and "Piano Radio". I listen to the Piano mostly, it's lovely music for the soul.

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