Monday, March 05, 2007

New Beading Magazines

Three new beading magazines have debuted over the last year. "Bead" is a new magazine in the UK; "Beads Etc" is from Australia, and the third "The Beadbook" is from South Africa. All of them are exciting new additions to the beading world!

Bead is a new magazine published in the U.K. The editor, Jean Power, is a well known designer on the popular internet site You can also view her work online at The website for the new magazine has a freebie - you can view 10 pages of issue #1 by clicking on the I-Mag link. Much like our popular Bead and Button magazine, Bead also offers an online chat group, a gallery of designs, and the editor's own blog. You can subscribe to Bead online.

Beads Etc is published by Pride Publishing, an Australian firm that caters to handmade crafts. Their website is a little difficult to navigate to access the Beads Etc homepage, so I'm including instructions: Click on Beads Etc and go to the left column where you will see a link for "Beads etc" and click on that. Next you will see a link for the magazine: "" - click on that link and you will arrive at the home page. Once there, you can view a variety of links including the "Designer of the Year" entries, a variety of Art Challenges, and other goodies filled with beadwork on the site. Issues can be ordered directly through the publisher or from Stitch-n-Beads. Thank you Melinda for sharing the info!

The last magazine, "The Bead Book", is a new magazine for South Africa. It is currently produced by Christa van Rooyen. Christa is also the publisher of a popular fabric painting magazine and once owned a lucrative paint company called Christex Textile Paints. Currently Christa is putting together South Africa's first Bead and Jewelry Expo in September. The Bead Book is not yet online for viewing or ordering.

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SuzyQ said...

Note: Beads Etc can be accessed directly with this link:

Heather Powers said...

thanks for sharing these, I had no idea they existed!

melanie of earthenwood studio said...

Oh how exciting to see bead magazines from other places! Thanks for sharing!