Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pet Food Recall

By now, most of you have heard about the pet food recall. I know this isn't beads, but I thought it was pretty important to post about. I thought I would include a direct link to the FDA website. This link includes all of the lists of the recalled foods and is updated regularly. You can access this site by clicking on the title above. You can also sign up to receive an email for updates to the recall list HERE.

The contaminant appears to be melamine. It has been found in pet foods containing wheat gluten. It has also been found in corn gluten and rice protein concentrate. It has been suggested that melamine was added to wheat gluten to increase the protein content of the product. Melamine however can be created in plants treated with the pesticide cyromazine. Investigators are not yet sure of the cause of the contamination.

On April 12th, Stephen Sundlof DVM, Director of the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine, reported to the Senate Agricultural Appropriations committee. They have identified the Chinese manufacturer responsible for the contamination. This manufacturer exports to both the US and Netherlands. Any wheat gluten product associated with this company is currently being detained at US borders. The distributor was ChemNutra of Las Vegas.

Yesterday, the Baltimore Sun reported that Royal Canin, a South African company, found contaminated corn gluten in their pet food supply. On Tuesday, Natural Balance (Dick Van Patten's company) voluntarily recalled their venison and rice products, regardless of date, after finding melamine in the rice protein concentrate.

If you are concerned that your pet may have been exposed and may be ill, call your Vet. Signs of illness include: loss of appetite, weakness or lack of energy, vomiting. To read more about consumer information, click HERE.

While the contamination represents only 1% of the foods available to pets, it's best to stay tuned to what products are being recalled so you know what to buy before you buy it.

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The Chinese company responsible for the rice based products contaminated with melamine:

The Chinese company responsible for the wheat gluten products contaminated with melamine: