Friday, June 01, 2007

Table Top Photography

I've written about the Table Top photography kits before but I never got around to purchasing one until last month. I thought I'd share my experience with you. I bought a modification of the jewelry kit with some items from the bead kit and found the customer service to be wonderful. On the right is a photo I took of day 1 - opening packages, setting up, and preparing to shoot using the dining room table. I have since moved the set up to a small table in the room where I do my work and it's easy to keep it uncluttered and out of the way.

I found the learning curve to be fairly steep using this set up with my digital camera. I received the 12 inch and 20 inch cubes which allow for light to be filtered. The 12 inch cube worked well for small items, such as bracelets and smaller pieces of beadwork. The 20 inch cube will fit a standard sized necklace bust beautifully, but was slightly small for the bust, shown left, which measures 19 inches. I also ordered two photo sheets of graduated colored paper. These measured 12 inches and were perfect for bracelets and smaller. They do offer larger sheets and I recommend these if your work is bigger than bracelet sized.

If you are interested in purchasing a lighting kit or would like to read more about Table Top studios, simply click on the title above. I checked with my local camera shop on pricing individual components and their opinion was the price for the studio was very good. One necessary item not included in the kit is a tripod. The company offers these for an additional price. Table Top Studios is permanently listed in my column at left, under "Bead Photography".

PS: Be sure to check out Louise Hill's May 23rd post on the new book "Photographing Arts, Crafts, and Collectibles" by Steve Meltzer.

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