Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Art of the Rosary

Rosaries have always fascinated me. From the simple to the divine, they are an Art in and of themselves. I found a website with a wonderful representation of rosaries through the centuries - from Europe to South America. They also offer original, hand made rosaries including chaplets made with Klew's Beads. Click on the title above to begin a fascinating journey into the world of the rosary. Enjoy! (shown left: rosary from the 1600's)

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Lori Greenberg said...

Gorgeous, once again. I love the rosaries with Klew's beads...I would have never thought to use a big bead like that in a rosary.

SuzyQ said...

I received this comment from someone who sells epson ink cartridges in Calcutta, India:

"suzy rosary looks cool :)
gud work"

Thank you but I didn't make this item. But thanks for the comment.

SuzyQ said...

For those interested in further readings about rosaries and saints, here is another interesting link: