Sunday, October 28, 2007

What's Your Favorite Finish on Seed Beads?

This week's poll is up and running. It's the last poll in the series on seed beads (I thought you might be tired of taking polls!) It will be up for one week and results will be published next Friday.

Please take a moment to vote; so far we've found that cylinder beads and size 11 beads are everyone's favorite. So what finish do you prefer? If you like them all, gosh, that's a tough decision!

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Favorite Bead Shape results are IN!

72 readers took the poll and the winner is... Cylinder beads! Cylinder beads were by far the favorite shape, preferred by 52% of respondents. Trailing in second place (16%) was a preference for rocailles - those gorgeous donut shaped beads we've come to love from the Czech's, Venetians, and French. Tying at 13% each were the cubic (Japanese seed beads) and cut (true cuts) beads. In last place were the shaped beads, such as triangles, which received only 6% of the vote.

I'm surprised to see Cylinder beads as everyone's favorite. I thought the donuts or cubic beads would have won. But with their beautiful colors and great big holes - they are so easy to work with - who can deny just how wonderful these little beads are. There are over 829 colors of Delicas alone, no wonder they are everyone's favorite!

Thank you everyone who voted. To see the final results, click on the title above.

PS: I have one more poll, for those who are willing :) Again, participation is completely anonymous. What surface finish do you like best? Tough one! Poll ends in one week.....

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Friday, October 19, 2007

What's Your Favorite Seed Bead Shape?

Do you prefer the cylindrical shape of the Delica, Aiko, or Toho Treasure line? Perhaps you like the texture of the donut shape that characterizes the Czech Republic, old Venetian, and French Bovis beads. What about the modern Japanese bead with it's taller, flatter sides and consistent shape? Or maybe you prefer those gorgeous cuts - the charlottes and two cuts - or the shaped beads such as the triangles and hex's?

Please take a second to vote on your favorite shaped seed bead. If you don't have a favorite and you like them all, then vote for the shape that best represents your bead stash!

All voting is anonymous and results will be published next week, so please vote and stay tuned!!!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Seed Bead Size Results are IN!

127 readers answered the poll and ...... size 11 seed beads were favored by 65% !!! Second in line were size 15's with a vote of 22%. Size 8's, 10's, and 13's all lagged behind at roughly 3-6% (Surprised? I am - I thought size 13's would have gotten a larger vote).

World wide, size 11 seed beads are known to be the favorite. Many seed bead manufacturers offer their greatest variety in the size 11 selection too. So just how big is a size 11/o seed bead? Well, it depends on who you ask, what beads you are talking about, who the manufacturer is, and what century they are from (the beads, that is). I've heard various descriptions, but one that stands out (from Lydia at Beadwrangler) is that a size 11/o seed bead, placed with its hole facing up and lined up in a row, will cover one linear inch with ~11 beads. To read more about bead sizing, click on Lydia's name.

Thank you everyone who voted!!! To see the final results, click on the title above. And please stay tuned: I have a series of polls planned that will give us some insight into our seed bead should be interesting and fun!

Next up: What is your favorite seed bead shape?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bead Arts Awards 2007

signsofspring_beadweaverLapidary Journal and Step by Step Beads 2007 Bead Arts Awards winners can now be viewed online or in the Nov/Dec Step by Step Beads magazine. The jurors for this year's awards were Valerie Hector, Gail Crosman Moore, and Margie Deeb. One of my favorite pieces in the bead category is the bead by David Palnick of Inside Out Beads (shown right). To view all of the finalists, click on the title above - you will be redirected to the Step by Step Beads website where you can download the 1 MB pdf. Applause to everyone who entered and congratulations to everyone who placed.
(PS: Many thanks to Louise Hill for her wonderful encouragement!)

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

LiBeado Designs by Donna Lish

Donna Lish creates sculptural objects using seed beads and a variety of surface embellishments. One of her well known objects includes "Pushing up Daisies" (shown right). Besides beadwork, she has also pursued knitting and crochet. Many of her objects are vessels and explore personal meaning. To see this artist's work and to read more about her process, click on the title above.

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