Sunday, November 04, 2007

Seed Bead Finish Results & Summary

The results are in! What a varied response, too, really nice to see! 73 respondents in total, 19 (26%) chose matte metallic as their favorite (mine too!). Coming in a 'near' second were matte beads (12/16%) followed by 'other' (11/15%) and tied between AB and Luster (10/14%). Least chosen was satin (5/7%).

I love satin beads but I don't like their sharp edges. I've heard many complaints from beaders regarding this bead cutting their thread. I was pleasantly surprised to see matte beads coming in second. I've heard people say how they don't like the matte beads, but they are also one of my personal favorites.

Thank you everyone for voting! To view the results, click on the title above.

To summarize the results of our three polls, here's what Beadweaver readers like:
Cylinder beads (Delica, Toho, Aiko) were the favored choice of bead shape, size 11o seed beads were the favorite size (by a whopping 65%!), and matte metallics were the favored finish. Perhaps the best choice for readers then would be Delicas in the finish #'s: DB361-380; DB311-340; DB1051-1055; DBL301-325. To read more about finishes, Barbara Elbe of Beaded Images has a great chart you can use for guidance.

Thank you again to everyone who voted, this was really fun!

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