Thursday, December 06, 2007

10 Things Beaders Want for Christmas

Are you looking for that special gift for your favorite beader? Here's a list of 10 things we Beadweaver Fanatics would love to get:

1. A selection of beading threads: offers a beautiful selection of C-lon thread in color-coordinated packs. Calico (browns/neutrals), Waterfall (blues/greens), and Sunset (reds/yellows) are $15 for a mix of 12 bobbins.

2. A package of 25 beading needles: Beaders can never have too many needles. sells the favorite John James of England in size 10 ($2.70) or size 12 ($3.10).

3. A tiny pair of extra sharp, extra pointy scissors: The best scissors I've come across are fly-tie scissors (A great tip from Pamela Welborn). I use Dr. Slick which retails for ~$13.

4. Beading Trays: I love these beading trays from Christina Wojcik of They're made of Vellux and roll up for easy storage. Prices start at $15.

5. Swarovski Crystals: Don't worry about color, size, or shape - your favorite beader will love them all. Prices start at $8 for 144 from

6. Tabletop Receptacle: Check out this mini trash can from Perfect for thread ends, broken beads, and any thing else that needs to be tossed. Nice looking too. $19.99

7. Ultimate Bead Storage: These popular storage boxes will be welcomed by any bead fan. Offered by, they come in 3 different arrangements and start at $5.75.

8. Best Bead Light: Ott light has cornered the market with their "True Color" series. Save your loved one's eyes and buy them an Ott Light. Prices start at $57

9. Lampwork beads: Beaders are always on the lookout for a beautiful and unique focal bead. With so many artists to choose from, where do you start? Check out some of the links from the International Society of Glass Beadworkers. (prices vary)

10. Peace and quiet. What beader wouldn't love an afternoon without interruption? Send a card with a promise note. Your favorite beader will love this gift best of all. (Priceless)

Email this list to Santa


beadbabe49 said...

Absolutely right on! Great list and I just love the vellux bead trays...what a great idea!
Hope you'll be getting all of the above in your christmas stocking...;)

Anonymous said...

Suzy! Brilliant list :-) I'd just add one thing...a gift certificate to Amazon for the beading books I lust after LOL!!

Cyndi L

Anonymous said...

I linked to your list this morning since I was posting my own personal "wish list" on Jewelry & Beading

SuzyQ said...

Hi Cyndi,
Thank you!!! I'll have to check out your wishlist :)
Yes, I am hoping Santa is able to fill the list :)

Mike said...

I want the little tiny scissors!