Thursday, January 10, 2008

Carmilla's Peyote Instructions

Are you stumped by peyote or struggle with odd count peyote? Carmilla has posted a free step by step tutorial for peyote stitch on her site. They include even and odd count peyote, as well as two methods for odd count peyote. The graphics are beautifully done and easy to follow, no French required! She's also included instructions for Herringbone and a lovely Rosette Pendant.

To see this wonderful tutorial, click on the title above - you'll be redirected to her site. I use the mantra "Pick up one [bead], skip one [bead], go through one [bead]" as I start peyote. Once you've set up the start, then it's "Pick up one [bead], go through one [bead]". Be sure to master even count before you move on to odd count.

Note: Tissage Peyote Pair = Even Count Peyote; "nombre pair de perles" = even number of beads in the starting row. Tissage Peyote Impair = Odd Count Peyote; "nombre impair de perles" = odd number of beads in the starting row.

Thank you Carmilla for posting the instructions!

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Carmilla said...

Thanks You Suzy ! I share my knowledge with pleasure :-)
Good Day !