Monday, January 28, 2008

Get The Lead Out!

susan mandelDid you know that a new law went into effect on September 1st? Known as the Lead Containing Jewelry Law, anyone who is involved in selling jewelry in California must limit the amount of lead in their products.

For children's jewelry there are very specific guidelines which limit the use of leaded crystal and glass components to no more than 1 gram total in a jewelry piece. To learn more click on the Fact Sheet (pdf).

For adults the law is not as stringent and goes into effect on March 1st. More information regarding specific components allowed (including Swarovski crystals) can be found here: Frequently Asked Questions for Jewelry Businesses (pdf). There's also information on the resale of vintage and antique jewelry.

What about the after-market coatings that are popular on Swarovski crystals? How about the Tierra Cast components? I know nothing about the special coatings but I do know that Tierra Cast is lead free. Tierra Cast has some great information on pewter and metal on their website and an informative article about the lead content in Tibetan Silver - so be sure to check it out.

To find out more about the new law which applies to all jewelry sales in California, please click on the title above.

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