Thursday, January 03, 2008

Lucia Antonelli: Divine Wearable Art

ornament magazineHappy New Year and welcome to 2008! I thought I'd start off the new year by presenting an artist some of you may already know: Lucia Antonelli. Her work is divine.

From the Patina Gallery online: "Many of Antonelli’s necklaces feature a strong center element. This center element is often antique, too, perhaps an antique button, perhaps, or amulet. Frequently, Antonelli will craft her own centerpiece, using sterling silver and/or 18k gold." Her work has an ethereal quality to it and can be described as classically feminine.

Lucia's work was recently featured on the cover of Ornament Magazine. She is scheduled to teach at the Bead Expo in Portland in 2008 (Update: she isn't teaching at Portland 2008 but you can read about her work through this link). To view some of her work online, visit Markay's Wearable Art. You can also read more about this wonderful artist and her journey by clicking on the title above.

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Olga said...

happy new year Suzy! And thanks for your posts that opens us to the fabulous world of the beads artists.

LuciaAntonelli47 said...


Thank you so much for your kind words about my work!
It's always nice to have recognition after so many years of dedication to ones art!
However, I'm not teaching at the Bead Expo, at least no one has aked me as of yet!
Thanks again!
Warm regards,
Lucia Antonelli

SuzyQ said...

I was wondering why no class was listed under your name but I thought perhaps it just wasn't listed yet. Well, you would be a great teacher for them to have. Your work is inspirational!