Friday, May 09, 2008

New Delica Size Comparison

susan mandel
I got my new Delicas this week and beaded up a little sample for you. Each sample was woven in peyote, 10 beads in length and 20 beads in rows (read along the diagonal). In other words, they are all the same samples in numbers of beads, it's just the size that is different. I choose the same color finish for them too - DB 321. If you click on the thumbnail image, you can see a much larger version (150 kb). The new 15's are wonderfully tiny. They remind me of the Toho hex cuts (14/o) except that they are more uniform - like Delicas. And the sample above remained beautifully supple, attesting to the size consistency in this new bead. I wove the samples using a size 10 needle.

I also tried weaving the 15's using brick stitch, square stitch, and RAW. For brick stitch and square stitch, you will need a smaller needle, perhaps a 12 or 13 - which will make manipulation of the needle and thread a little easier. To have your work look nice, you will also need a smaller thread. I used a 5lb test thread and it worked just fine for the samples but I think a Nymo-type product would work well. RAW looked the same as RAW looks with the standard 11/o Delicas. Because of their tiny size, working with these other stitches was a little challenging, but if you want to do it, it can be done. Enjoy!

PS To order the new 15/o Delica, click on the title above. You can also view Barbara's Delica size comparison by clicking HERE.

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