Thursday, June 04, 2009

SoftFlex Girl Reviews Convergence Exhibit

Sara from the SoftFlexGirl blog is at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee. She's posted a lovely little video of the Convergence Exhibit. To learn more about this exhibit and to view her video, click on the title above or the image, right. Enjoy!


Melissa J. Lee said...

Hi Sue, I don't know if you've already seen this or not, but Sara has also posted footage of the blue ribbon winners of Bead Dreams:


SuzyQ said...

Hi Melissa,
Thank you for writing! Yes, I found the video earlier on You Tube which she'd posted yesterday (who knew!).
I'm glad she put the video on her site because now I can link to it! Thank you for letting me know :):):)
Best wishes and have fun!

Softflexgirl said...

Yay - thank you for the link! I'm so glad that I could share a few of my experiences online. :)

SuzyQ said...

Thank you Sara for sharing!!!