Thursday, July 23, 2009

Emiko Oye: My First Royal Jewels

I came across this wonderful artist on the Revere Academy's mailing list & thought I'd pass her work along....

From Emiko Oye: "My First Royal Jewels” Collection is a modern-day reinterpretation of European jewelry created by some of the great design houses of the early 20th century—Louis Boucheron, Cartier (Paris), and Harry Winston—much sought after names by the royal and social elite. A time when platinum and emeralds were the materials of choice and a woman’s jewelry was seen as emblems of her “lord’s” rank in the world. Now we might ask the question: who are today’s jewelry collectors and what does one consider valuable and precious in the 21st century?

To view the collection made from Lego's, click on the title above. To learn more about Emiko Oye click here. Or simply follow her blog! Enjoy!
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1 comment:

Andrew Thornton said...

Thanks for sharing! This is one intriguing artist. I love the depth in which Emiko delved for the project. Truly lovely work!