Thursday, October 15, 2009

And The Winner Is......

On behalf of Lark Books and Marcia DeCoster, Beadweaver is excited to announce the following winner of Marcia's gorgeous book "Beaded Opulence". And the winner is... Susan509!!!

The winner was chosen by downloading the email list to an Excel spreadsheet and generating a random number using Random.Org's random number generator. Congratulations Susan and thank you to all who entered to win this fabulous prize!

But wait....there's more!!!!

Second Place (You didn't know there was a second place?!) goes to who wins one hank each of my gorgeous permanent finish metallic charlottes in meadow green and wisteria purple!!!

And if that's not enough....

Stay tuned for tomorrow when Beadweaver, on behalf of Lark books, will be offering another enter-to-win gorgeous book for the creative spirit in you!!!

Thank you to all my readers for entering and reading the Beadweaver blog :)

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