Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monkeys & Macs & The Hazards of Free

I've been working on some new things in my studio - part of which required that I download some apps from the internet. If you're like me and own a Mac you probably feel pretty secure about downloading apps in terms of viruses. They just aren't there. Not viruses. Not for Macs. But there are mischievous little programs we tend to forget about...

I'm not sure which app had the spyware in it, but it arrived all bundled up with the cute little name "Elf". Oh, and a folder that was 35 MB of blank images. Nice.

How did I discover the spyware? First, my Safari starting acting up. It took hours to download webpages, including my homepage, Beadweaver. No longer could I move in and out of files on my desktop and text began to disappear into thin air. How strange. I thought Macs were impervious to viruses... It was then that I noticed a tiny Elf, sitting on my toolbar at the top of my desktop screen. When I clicked on it and took a look at the info icon - it redirected me to a no-name website about the Elf 1 Community Toolbar. And something about how they discriminately track my online browsing.

What?!!! Spyware?!!!! Go Away!!!  I got out my big guns and promptly hunted down Elf on my hard drive. I deleted everything I could find related to this dubious spy. Including the huge blank folder. Think that made him go away? Guess again. Nothing I did made a difference.

After spending 4 hours on the computer trying to find a solution (try googling Elf 1 - ha! ) I finally stumbled upon the owners. It's a company called "Conduit" and they track your every move online. They create little apps for other companies to bundle into their software under the guise of improved communication...

When I finally found an Elf 1 Toolbar page, an option read "Can't remove our software?" "Try downloading the application which includes an uninstaller".

Now why would I want a second copy of a program I can't get rid of?

Back to square one. "Where is this little Elf hiding?"  I did everything Safari, Finder, and Apple told me to do with no luck. I could "turn off" the Elf, but there it sat in my toolbar. There is no uninstaller with this monkey nor does Conduit come right out and tell you how to remove it. In fact you have to dig - and dig I did. And kept digging and digging. Still not there. I did find some wrong instructions on removing the spyware that just might mess up your computer, however.

Since I had no other option, I clicked on their CONTACT page and began typing a question: "Your info on removing ELF 1 on Safari does not work"...when suddenly, out of nowhere, appeared instructions on how to remove ELF 1.  What - Me Mad?

Suffice to say, I took a picture of the instructions to share with everyone out there who has this problem. Maybe Macs don't get viruses, but no one is immune to disguised malware (click on that link to learn more or on the image below to enlarge!)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Celebrate Christmas with Beadweaver's Patterns

Now through December 1st, buy any of Beadweaver's items on Etsy and save 25%. Simply enter "LOVETOBEAD" during checkout to save. (Shipping not included).

Sunday, November 07, 2010

And the Winners of the Fall Big Book Giveaway are....

And the winners of Beadweaver's Big Book Giveaway are:
Beadybub wins a copy of Art Charms Jewelry
Renee wins a copy of Stitching Beaded Jewelry
barbelliot wins a copy of Create Colorful Aluminum Jewelry
onebetsy wins a copy of Beautiful Wire Jewelry 2

Congratulations to the winners! Stay tuned for more great book reviews!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Win One of Four Great Books from Kalmbach!

Making Mixed Media Art Charms & Jewelry

If there's a jewelry trend that's sizzled lately, it's making and wearing art charms. These tiny works of art have captured the hearts of beaders everywhere. This new book by Peggy Krzyzewski and Christine Hansen covers everything from paper, polymer clay, and plastic, to wood, fiber, resin, and found objects. Techniques include how to cut glass, solder, and collage large wooden beads. It's a fun book for creating your own tiny little treasures. It's available from Kalmbach or Barnes & Noble or stay tuned for one lucky winner to win (see below)!

The Absolute Beginner's Guide: Stitching Beaded Jewelry

The title says it all - this is a great little book with basic step-by-step instructions for learning and creating simple, off loom work. Written by author Lesley Weiss, the book covers eleven basic stitches, starting with the easiest and moving on to other popular techniques: square stitch, ladder stitch, herringbone, brick stitch, spiral rope, netting, St. Petersburg stitch, and right angle weave are included. There are some lovely projects too - my favorite is the peyote bezelled rivoli necklace which includes a peyote ring closure (Project 25). It's available from Kalmbach or Amazon.com or stay tuned for one lucky winner to win (see below)!

Create Colorful Aluminum Jewelry

Go green with this new book by author Helen Harle - and create stylish, lightweight, colorful jewelry from recycled beverage cans. You won't need to know how to solder or fuse as this book relies on using simple scrapbook punches to create all kinds of shapes as well as piecing work together. There are lots of great projects in this book using mostly flower and leaf forms to create necklaces, earrings, and brooches.If you love the look of printed aluminum, you'll love the pieces in this book (The Wisteria Necklace is to die for!).  It's available from Kalmbach or Amazon.com or stay tuned for one lucky winner to win (see below)!

Beautiful Wire Jewelry for Beaders 2

This is a great little book for the beginner jeweler interested in working with wire and metal. The projects include clever bracelets made with filigree findings and beads, a lovely butterfly pendant created with stampings and punches, and a gorgeous ammonite pendant made with wire and wire wrapping (no ammonite necessary!). Written by Irina Miech of Eclectica Beads, this is the second book in a series on working with wire and metal. It's available from Kalmbach or Borders.com or stay tuned for one lucky winner to win (see below)!

Enter To Win
Four lucky winners will be drawn at random from my email subscriber list to receive one of the books above! Please sign up for my email newsletter by Saturday, November 6th at midnight. The drawing will take place on Sunday, November 7th, so stay tuned!

How To Enter:
1. If you're on my mailing list, you're automatically entered to win (yay!).
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4. Deadline to enter is MidnightNovember 6th (Next Saturday!)

5. Questions? See my FAQs in the comment section. Good luck!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Beading Book Bonanza

More great books from great publishers - Lark and Kalmbach - are coming your way! (Including a wonderful new book from Ann Benson!) I will be listing these over the next few days for a great new giveaway, so stay tuned...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Christi Belcourt: My Heart Is Beautiful

Painting tiny dots with acrylics, Christi Belcourt continues the tradition of expression found in the beadwork of the Metis of Canada. From her biography:

"The focus of my work for the last 10 or 12 years has been to attempt to transfer ‘beadwork' to canvas, and in so doing, add commentary and expression within the work beyond the purely aesthetic.  The plants within my paintings have become metaphors to parallel humanity. The roots are exposed to signify that all life needs nurturing from the earth to survive, and represent the idea that there is more to life than what is seen on the surface.  Additionally it represents the great influence our heritage has on us as individuals.  There are lines that connect the plants to symbolize our own interconnectedness with each other and all living things."

Listen to Christi Belcourt as she talks about her most recent painting, "My Heart is Beautiful". Following months of studying plants in her natural surroundings, she's painted a beautiful landscape of flowers, roots, and foliage that represent important traditions and the interconnectedness of humans to the earth. Her work is both inspirational and stunning and will be on exhibit as part of the "Mantuc, Little Spirits: The Language of Glass Beads" in Zurich, Switzerland (Thru November 2010)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair

The Renegade Craft Fair is now open to applications for the Christmas shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago. What is the Renegade Craft Fair? Here's an excerpt from their website:

"The Renegade Craft Fair is a large-scale DIY event featuring hundreds of independent artists and their unique handmade items.  RCF is held in cities across the US every year- including Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles & Austin.  The fair is known for being one of the first events of its kind, and for having the top-notch indie-craft artists and designers who travel from all over the map to participate."

To find out more or apply for a booth at this event, click on the title above!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Is A Beadwork Master?

I've been chatting with a few of my friends about what it means to be a "Master" at beadwork. I thought I'd take a look at this and ask you to include your thoughts as well!

In trying to define what it means to be a "Master", first one has to decide just what the term "Master" means. I found these definitions in a Google search. I've highlighted (what I think are) the relevant definitions for beadweavers:
  • maestro: an artist of consummate skill; "a master of the violin"; "one of the old masters"
  • overlord: a person who has general authority over others
  • victor: a combatant who is able to defeat rivals
  • directs the work of others
  • headmaster: presiding officer of a school
  • an original creation from which copies can be made
  • be or become completely proficient or skilled in
  • an officer who is licensed to command a merchant ship
  • overcome: get on top of; deal with successfully; "He overcame his shyness"
  • someone who holds a master's degree from academic institution
  • dominate: have dominance or the power to defeat over; "The methods can master the problems"
  • an authority qualified to teach apprentices
  • have a firm understanding or knowledge of
  • passkey: key that secures entrance everywhere
Let's take these definitions one by one and see how they might apply to beadwork...

#1. A maestro, an artist of consummate skill: How do we know if a person who does beadwork is an "artist of consummate skill"? My first guess is to consider entry into a juried exhibit or competition. Since these venues are juried by one's peers (often one or more highly esteemed peers), it seems reasonable to accept a definition of a Master as one who has been accepted. If that venue is national, I think this makes a stronger case. If the artist wins an award in that venue, it's an even stronger indication that this person possesses the skills to be called a "Master" (note that one definition further defines a "Master" as victor: a combatant who is able to defeat rivals - which would happen if a person received an award in a juried competition). A second definition might be an artist whose work is held in high regard by a recognized group of peers. A third definition might be acceptance into a publication that features work of artists at a similar mastery level.

#2. Directs the work of others: This would be true in a variety of cases. At first glance, one might think "teacher" and I would agree. But this would exclude an important group of people who write books or create patterns, particularly if that media includes instruction in weaving techniques. And while anyone can write a book or create a pattern, not everyone can successfully sell or publish them. So I would suggest that anyone who has published a written work that encompasses techniques used in beadweaving, in addition to or in place of teaching, might be a "Master".

#3. An original from which copies can be made: This refers specifically to a piece of work that can be reproduced. I think that this definition is a little too broad for our purposes. Anyone who creates a novel piece of beadwork is technically creating a "Master" from which copies can be made. I don't believe this makes a person a "Master" at beadwork. Another definition might be creation of a "Masterpiece" and this certainly might make him/her a "Master". But how do we define what constitutes a masterpiece? I would defer to the discussion in #1 and note that it's as difficult (& subjective)  to answer as "What is Art?".

#4. Be or become completely proficient or skilled in: I would agree with this! If you can weave all of the major stitches in all of the forms (flat, tubular, circular, dimensional, and embroidery) and be able to move between various stitches, I would say you are a "Master". Oh, and have the work look neat too (very important!). But this may only be a part of what makes a "Master"...Some great artists work in a limited number of techniques, and they are certainly "Masters"so perhaps another view might be artists who have perfected their skills in their medium.  And what about color and composition? We might want to include this one too!

#5: Someone who holds a Masters degree from an academic institution: In the art world this would be a Masters of Fine Art (MFA). While one can't receive an MFA specifically for beadwork, the major topic of study could be beadwork - although there are few who have done this (Liza Lou, for example, reportedly dropped out of the College of Fine Arts in San Francisco because her professors would not support her interest in beadwork). 

#6. An authority qualified to teach apprentices: See #2. This could also be defined as a person who has been accepted as a teacher at a beading venue, such as a bead store, a school, a college, a retreat, or a conference/convention/festival. It doesn't mean that all teachers are necessarily "Masters" but it's a good start.

#7. Have a firm understanding or knowledge of: See #4. This might also include someone who studies beadwork but does not necessarily weave beads, as a collector might do (although we might call that person an "Expert" instead).

How many of these characteristics must one possess to be a "Master"? Is one sufficient or is more than one required? Perhaps none are required if what you do, you do it well! Have I left anything out? What do you think?

In Print:
To see great Masters of Beadwork at work, check out these following publications:
And don't miss Lark Book's Masters Series of Beadweaving artists!

On the Web:
Bead Arts Awards (you'll have to google this one!)

Need To Know:
In Japan, there is a specific definition of what it means to be a "Master" at beadwork. Anyone know what it takes? If so, please comment! If I'm wrong, please comment!
And if you have any links to share, please share them!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Guide To Copyright by Sig Wynne-Evans

I thought I'd list direct links to the six posts that Sig has written on Copyrights for Beaders (My apologies for those of you who've received emails on the subject - just trying to group it all together - and this one will be my last, I swear!). For those of you who are just now checking in: If you've ever had questions or wondered whether your work might be "toeing the line", then be sure to read her discussion of important copyright issues facing beaders. Remember, Sig is not a lawyer but she does have significant experience in this area, so she's a great resource for us all!

Copyright Pt 1: Sig Enters the World of Copyright

Copyright Pt 2: % Change (Can you change a pattern and call it your own?)

Copyright Pt 3: Selling Beadwork from Patterns (Is it okay?)

Copyright Pt 4: A Couple of Issues: Use of Image and Copying (Use of public domain images vs. privately held images)

Copyright Pt 5: Class or Not?(Is it okay to teach someone else's design in a class?)

Copyright Pt 6: Comment On A Comment

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Need To Know: More On Copyright

Join Sig Wynne-Evans as she continues her discussion on copyright for beaders. Here is a list with direct links to what she's written so far. And please check in with her again this week for yet a fourth post on Copyright issues for beaders! (Just click on the title of this post to view her blog)

Copyright Pt 1: Sig Enters the World of Copyright

Copyright Pt 2: % Change (Can you change a pattern and call it your own?)

Copyright Pt 3: Selling Beadwork from Patterns (Is it okay?)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Do You Really Know Copyright?

If someone told you that by changing an artist's design by 10% you could call the design your own, would you believe it?
Is it okay to teach a project you fell in love with in a magazine?
Can you sell your finished work - the project you bought the pattern for?

Are you sure you know the answers? Join Sigrid Wynne-Evans as she travels down the rocky road of Copyright - what it is, what it means for beaders, and how you can make sure you aren't tripping!

Click on the title above to join in the conversation!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Seven Deadly Sins Oh My!!!!!!

If you need a serious laugh and a good dose of "Sisterhood", click on the title above. Wild Wicked Beads is reviewing the Seven Deadly Sins of the Beader and #3 is just hilarious....!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Art Scam Alert!

If you buy or sell artwork online - beadwork, jewelry, painting, crafts - then you need to know about the latest art scams. I was recently alerted to this problem by Diane Hyde who has posted her story on FaceBook. In response, I've decided to post information about the scams and encourage you to keep your eyes open and be alert when you purchase or sell anything online:

Art Scam Alert
This is a relatively new and serious scam. The scam has many faces but usually involves a buyer who expresses interest in purchasing one or more expensive items. Often their grammar is poor and they require that you jump through a number of hoops in order to complete the transaction. Think you can't be scammed? Think again! Please click on the link below - you will be redirected to Kathleen McMahon's website where she runs a listing of scams, scammers, and their email addresses. She's also posted stories regarding the typical approach these scams take.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True...
Always research anything that sounds suspicious. And use a verified and trusted payment source for your transactions (such as PayPal). It's also important to exercise patience when dealing with overseas purchases that require time for the money to clear the bank. If you think a buyer or seller is not legitimate, then ask for references from other trusted sources (Who have they also purchased from? Can they give you three trusted sources with whom they've done business?) That might sound extreme but as a wholesale purchaser I am often required to give the names of three fellow wholesalers in order to open an account with a company. This is an acceptable industry practice. And never, ever, ever accept overpayment with an agreement to refund differences.

What I Do
I sell my work on Etsy. In the past Etsy allowed buyers to check out without paying for an item. As a result I've had a number of "sales" that were bogus. While that doesn't seem like it would be a problem... as a seller, it's exciting to get a sale and I want to package the item beautifully, which takes time. So rather than wait for the payment to come through, I'd often go ahead and package the item. After accumulating a number of "sales" that were never paid for (but packaged beautifully!) I caught on to the problem. Now I will not proceed with a purchase until the item is paid for and the payment has cleared (Note that Etsy has also worked to resolve this problem on its site).

More Links
I hope this information will prevent you from being involved in one of these unfortunate scams. To keep this information fresh for you, I'll post some permanent links on the left side of Beadweaver. Look there for more information or if you have questions!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Inspiration!

Looking for inspiration this Summer? I've put together a few links for you to have fun with!

Etsy: Now you can create your own Treasury on Etsy (no more waiting for #333)! You can also search the Treasuries by keyword to find exactly what you're looking for: Etsy Treasury

Speaking of Etsy, I came across a new website that shows the top sellers for Etsy. Guess what the top 10 sellers are selling? Beads - and findings - of course!!! Check them out here: Craft Count

You might also notice that listed among the top sellers for jewelry is Time2Cre8 (a beadweaver!). How does she do it?! Here's a link to MaryLou Holvenstot's shop: Time2Cre8

If you didn't make it to South Africa for the World Cup, no worries. Check out Martine Jackson's work with beaded murals here: MJ Visual

My friend Marie Geraud continues to design great jewellery. Check out her patterns - available through Paypal- here: Biloba Bijoux

More great artists:

Betsy Youngquist is best known for her work with antique dolls which she recreates into a variety of forms using materials including epoxy and seed beads. Curious about how she does it? You can view her Facebook page HERE. Scroll down to her older posts to view her videos of The Process. She's full of fun and great to watch! The Process October 6th 2009

FaceBook continues to grow as the new site for all things beaded. New work is posted daily by artists from around the world. If you haven't signed up and are interested you can create an account HERE. Once you get started, be sure to look up your beading friends. It's a bit like a daily journal blog only more whacky and fun.

Do you know what Cold Clay is? Check it out here:

And here's a great Polymer Clay artist: Forest Rogers

Other great blogs:
Lark Books has recently started it's own blog featuring jewelry-making artists. Looking for inspiration? Find it here: Lark Crafts

That's all for now. Hope you're enjoying your summer wherever you are!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And The Winners Are....

The winners in Beadweaver's fifth and final Big Book Giveaway are:

mermaids (South Africa) wins a copy of BeadMaille

cmc220 wins a copy of Easy Beading

priscilla_hogg wins a copy of Stringing Beaded Jewelry

Congratulations to the Winners!!! Thank you EVERYONE for participating in this wonderful Big Book Giveaway. And many, many thanks to the generosity of Kalmbach Publishers' Bead & Button and Lark Books for providing us with the wonderful books that made this possible.

I hope you're enjoying your summer wherever you are in this world!
Happy Beading!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

BBG #5: Three Big Books, Three Lucky Winners!

Welcome to the fifth and final Big Book Giveaway: 3 books & 3 lucky winners! From Bead Style magazine, Kalmbach Publishers, and Lark books come three new releases: Stringing Beaded Jewelry by Karin Buckingham; Easy Beading by contributors to Bead Style Magazine; and BeadMaille by Cindy Thomas Pankopf. In this final book giveaway, Beadweaver will randomly choose 3 lucky winners - each one receiving one copy of one of the books offered (see below)!

Beadmaille: Jewelry with Bead Weaving & Metal Rings

"Filled with 25 stylish, contemporary projects, Beadmaille ties together two hot trends in jewelry-making: chainmail with beadweaving. With clear diagrams and accessible instructions, this book will be loved by both beginning and advanced beaders as well as jewelry crafters and artists of all levels."

This wonderful book from Lark Books is filled with a variety of beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, each incorporating jump rings and metal rings with woven beadwork. The projects are varied in complexity and appearance and take on a unique finished, wearable look. The most difficult piece for weavers will likely be the Foxtail neckpiece only because it uses dimensional right angle weave. However, in reviewing the instructions, these are some of the best illustrations of the weave I have seen (get out your needle and thread - you'll want to give this a try!) The diagrams are extremely well illustrated and the written instructions are easy to follow. This is a lovely book for beaders looking for a different approach to creating gorgeous jewelry. To order your own copy, simply click Here or stay tuned to enter and win!
Visit Cindy's website here: Cindy Pankopf

Stringing Beaded Jewelry: The Absolute Beginners Guide

This new book from author Karin Buckingham and Kalmbach Publishers is designed for the beginner interested in basic bead stringing techniques. However, it might surprise you that some of the projects are more advanced and may help even the experienced beader. The book is divided into four sections: Basic Stringing Projects, Connecting Projects, Fiber Fun, and Extra Goodies. Included amongst these projects are how to knot pearls (a must for every beader!), working with wire mesh, how to create two styles of earwires, and working with various stringing, crimping, and finishing materials. The step by step instructions include well photographed images with detailed explanations. Also included are suggested variations to encourage the creative spirit in every beader. This is a great resource book featuring some of the latest styles and trends in jewelry design! To order your own copy, simply click Here or stay tuned to enter and win!
Follow Karin's blog: Artful Crafts

Easy Beading: Fast, Fashionable, Fun from BeadStyle Magazine

"Jewelry is a hallmark of personal style and those who create their own jewelry are perpetually in search of new designs and fresh ways to customize their pieces. Easy Beading Vol 6 features more than 80 projects from the magazine's sixth year of publication. A wide variety of styles, materials, and techniques are showcased giving readers an enormous selection of projects to choose from or tailor to their own preferences. Sections feature gemstones, crystals, metal and chain, mixed media, pearls, and glass and ceramic. A Beader's Glossary and Basics section are also included."

This is a great, big, book - thick with projects and hard bound too! One of my favorite projects is the Bottle Pop bracelet which uses bottle cap beads and gorgeous sea glass - a perfect summer bracelet. A second favorite is the Fashionista Frida - a beautiful flower embellished necklace reminiscent of of Frida Kahlo's Mexican heritage. BeadStyle's projects feature clear images of the steps involved plus detailed written instructions. It's a beautiful book and a great source of designs. To order your own copy click Here or simply stay tuned to enter and win!

Enter To Win!
To enter to win a copy of one of these books, please sign up for my email newsletter by Tuesday, June 22nd at midnight. The drawing will take place on Wednesday, June 23rd, so stay tuned!

How To Enter:
1. If you're on my mailing list, you're automatically entered to win (yay!).
2. If you're not yet on my mailing list, you must subscribe (you can always unsubscribe later). Follow this link to sign up and enter: Beadweaver Mailing List
3. Be sure to check your email to confirm that you've signed up.
4. Deadline to enter is Midnight, June 22nd (Tuesday next week!)

For any questions about Beadweaver's final Big Book Giveaway, please read the comments below for the FAQs. Good Luck!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bead Dreams 2010 Winners

This just in! Bead and Button announces the Bead Dreams 2010 winners on their site. Here they are:

Best-In-Show – Sponsored by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads - $1,000 gift certificate
The Elegant Bead Partition with Fluttering Cherry Blossoms, Satoko Toyoda, beads

Runner-Up Best-In-Show – Sponsored by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads - $500 gift certificate
Shape Shifter, Heidi Kummli, freespiritcollection.com

People’s Choice Award – Sponsored by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads - $500 gift certificate WINNER TO POSTED AFTER THE SHOW

Handmade Buttons or Beads – Sponsored by Whole Lotta Whimsy
1st Place – Spool Beads, Barbara Minor, barbaraminor.com - $300 gift certificate
2nd Place – Bountiful Harvest Buttons, Joan Miller, jjoanmillerporcelain.etsy.com - $200 gift certificate
3rd Place – Birds & Fish Pendant and Beads Set, Vladislav Ivanov, golemstudio.com - $100 gift certificate

Polymer Clay – Sponsored by Polymer Clay Express
1st Place – Beautifully Baroque, Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg, riverpoetdesign.com - $300 gift certificate
2nd Place – Sea Slugs Jewels, Liudmyla Heggland, rollsejenta.blogspot.com, rollsejenta.livejournal.com - $200 gift certificate
3rd Place – Rainforest, Janice Abarbanel, janiceabarbanel.com - $100 gift certificate

Crystal Jewelry – Sponsored by Crystallized™ Swarovski Elements
1st Place – Tangled up in Time, Diane Hyde, dianehyde.com, designersfindings.net - $450 gift certificate
2nd Place – Sedona Sunrise, Sherry Serafini, serafinibeadedjewelry.com - $200 gift certificate
3rd Place – Bittersweet, Mary Lou Allen, - $100 gift certificate

Finished Jewelry – Sponsored by Rio Grande
1st Place – Cable Bead Necklace, Christopher A. Hentz, chriscables.com, christopherhentz.com - $450 gift certificate
2nd Place – Dance of the Peacock, Sherry Serafini, serafinibeadedjewelry.com - $200 gift certificate
3rd Place – Continuous Threads Necklace, Barbara Minor, barbaraminor.com - $100 gift certificate

Seed Bead Jewelry – Sponsored by Beadalon
1st Place – Shape Shifter, Heidi Kummli, freespiritcollection.com - $300 gift certificate
2nd Place – White clovers and clovers, Yukiko Yamamoto, $200 gift certificate
3rd Place – Dragon’s Heart, Guzel Bakeeva, guzelbakeeva.ru - $100 gift certificate

Objects or Accessories – Sponsored by Rings & Things
1st Place – The Elegant Bead Partition with Fluttering Cherry Blossoms, Satoko Toyoda, $300 gift certificate
2nd Place – Swirl, Cindy Pankopf, cindypankopf.com - $200 gift certificate
3rd Place – Gaze of a Rose, Olga Shumilova, http://pautin.gallery.ru, http://pautin.livejournal.com - $100 gift certificate

Metal Clay – Sponsored by Art Clay World USA
1st Place – Journey’s, Christi Anderson, elementaladornments.com - $300 gift certificate
2nd Place – The Way To My Heart, Melissa Lee, melissajlee.com - $200 gift certificate
3rd Place – Brooch with Plastic Inlay, Julia Rai, juliarai.co.uk - $100 gift certificate

Wirework – Sponsored by Beaducation
1st Place – Flight of Fancy, Rachel Reilly, rachelreilly.com - $400 gift certificate
2nd Place – Chainmaille Jacket, Vanessa Walilko, kalibutterfly.com - $300 gift certificate
3rd Place – Starry Night in Monet’s Garden, Peri Jackson, shaktipajdesigns.com - $200 gift certificate

Lampwork/Glass – Sponsored by SoftFlex Company
1st Place – Flying Pod Vessels, Karen Elmquist, etsy.com/shop/karenelmquist - $300 gift certificate
2nd Place – Just a Bunch of Nails, Robert Jennik, robertjennik.com - $200 gift certificate
3rd Place – Cigno Sinistro (sinister Swan), Sara Sally LaGrand, sarasallylagrand.com - $100 gift certificate

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

BBG #4: And The Winner Is....

Congratulations to beadhpy1!!!

She/he wins a copy of Laura McCabe's Embellished Beadweaving!

Many thanks to Lark Books for providing this opportunity to the readers of the Beadweaver Blog!

Stay tuned for the 5th Book in Beadweaver's Big Book Giveaway......To help inspire you for the summer, this drawing will have a few extras added to it (i.e. more than one item to be won), so stay tuned...... :)

Friday, June 04, 2010

BBG #4: Embellished Beadweaving by Laura McCabe

From Lark Books comes the highly anticipated new title from Laura McCabe: Embellished Beadweaving. Featuring a variety of embellishment techniques, the book covers everything from the basics to techniques to application and includes a brief chapter on color and design. There are 18 projects in all - some of which may be known to beaders - and include fun new projects as well. Laura shares her secrets to her inspiration which she gathers from the world around her and encourages the reader to find their own inspiration in the things they love.

"Laura McCabe creates elaborate beaded embellishments which she combines into stunning jewelry. These graceful forms are also ideal for embellishing garments or fiber artworks. Her definitive guide to weaving and embroidering with beads is the third volume in the bestselling Beadweaving Master Class series. Combining traditional techniques with modern materials, and showcasing a wide variety of bead types, it offers 18 opulent pieces of jewelry incorporating motifs drawn from the natural world, such as flora and fauna, art nouveau designs, and geometric forms. With its truly spectacular illustrations, this is a feast of inspiration for crafters in all fiber media." Lark Books

I found this book to be very well written. The information provided is to the point, making access to that information easy. The projects are well described in the step by steps and include simple to understand diagrams. The graphics are gorgeous in this book too - just what you'd expect from Lark Books. The possibilities are endless using the ideas and techniques Laura shares with her readers - this book is full of inspiration! Included at the end is a gallery of works from very well known beadweavers including David Chatt, Marcie Stone, and Cynthia Rutledge.

This is a beautiful book and a must-have for every beaderweaver's library. Embellished Beadweaving is available at bookstores now - simply click on the title above to order. I'm also giving one copy away as part of Beadweaver's Big Book Giveaway - read further on how you can enter to win!

Enter To Win
To enter to win a copy of this book, please sign up for my email newsletter by Tuesday, June 8th at midnight. The drawing will take place on Wednesday, June 9th, so stay tuned!

How To Enter:
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4. Deadline to enter is Midnight, June 8th (Tuesday next week!)

For any questions about Beadweaver's Big Book Giveaway, please read the comments below for the FAQs. Good Luck! And stay tuned, there is ONE more title to come!

Visit Laura on her website:
Just Let Me Bead

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

BBG #3: And The Winner Is...

And the winner for the third book in Beadweaver's Big Book Giveaway is boomer007!!!


She's won a copy of Crystal Brilliance from Kalmbach Publishers!

Many thanks to Anna Elizabeth Draeger and Kalmbach Publishers for sending us this great book to review and give away! It is a lovely book and one I'd highly recommend adding to your library if you love crystals.

Next up.... a *highly anticipated* new book from Lark's series, Masters in Beadweaving....Stay tuned for the fourth book in Beadweaver's Big Book Giveaway!

Friday, May 28, 2010

BBG #3: Crystal Brilliance

Beadweaver's third book in the Big Book Giveaway is a new title from Kalmbach Publishers and the editors at Bead & Button Magazine: Crystal Brilliance.

Written by Anna Elizabeth Draeger, Crystal Brilliance showcases the breathtaking hues of Swarovski Elements. Featuring 26 projects plus creative variations on the designs, beaders can choose their style: Classic, Romantic, Geometric, or Organic. A basics section is included so beginners can quickly develop their skills with confidence.
As with all Kalmbach jewelry-making books, Crystal Brilliance features clear, color photos with step by step instructions to guide the beader through the projects.
I really like this book. What's wonderful is the combination of images plus the graphic step-by-step instructions plus the written instructions. This appeals to all styles of learning which makes it a great book for all levels of beadweavers. I also love the designs in this book. This book is a tough one for me to part with!

You can purchase your own copy of Crystal Brilliance from Kalmbach publishers by clicking on the title above (and see what readers are saying!). OR you can join my email list to win a copy of your own!

Enter To Win
To enter to win a copy of this book, please sign up for my email newsletter by Tuesday, June 1st at midnight. The drawing will take place on Wednesday, June 2nd, so stay tuned!

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4. Deadline to enter is Midnight, June 1st (Tuesday next week!)

For any questions about Beadweaver's Big Book Giveaway, please read the comments below for the FAQs. Good Luck! And stay tuned, there are TWO more titles to come!

Visit Anna on her blog at the Kalmbach Website:
Ask Anna

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BBG #2: And The Winner Is...

And the winner for the second book in Beadweaver's Big Book Giveaway is Kaypasa!


She's won a copy of Metalworking 101 for Beaders from Lark Books!!!

Many, many thanks to Ray Hemachandra and Lark Books for sending us this great book to review and give away! It's a beautiful book and if you haven't yet, be sure to check out last week's review as well as author Candie Cooper's Website.

Next up.... a lovely *very sparkly* new book from Kalmbach....stay tuned for the third book in Beadweaver's Big Book Giveaway!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

BBG: Metalworking 101 for Beaders

Beadweaver is pleased to announce the second book in it's Big Book Giveaway, a wonderful book from Lark Books: Metalworking 101 for Beaders: Create Custom Findings, Pendants & Projects by Candie Cooper.

"Candie Cooper, the author of Felted Jewelry and a contributor to numerous jewelry titles, has written an accessible, well-written, and concise guide to basic metalworking techniques keyed especially toward beginning to intermediate beaders who want to make jewelry."

Metalworking 101 for Beaders is a well organized project book that is perfect for the beader interested in beginning metalsmithing techniques. The book is organized into 5 sections: Metals, Tools & Materials, Basic Metalworking Techniques, Jewelry, and Templates. It begins with discussing the types of metals used for the projects and progresses to the tools you'll need for your bench (and to complete the projects). For the techniques section, Candie reviews the very basics such as sawing, filing, and forming. The project section pulls together the various techniques and tools to fabricate findings. Finally, Candie offers her own templates for the beginner to use in creating their pieces.

There are 29 projects in all, covering everything from creating bails and unique toggle clasps to forming rings and creating textures. I especially liked the projects focusing on brooches and various ways to create pin backs, which are always a creative challenge. And I loved the project that creates domed earrings and rings from dapped pieces. The basic knowledge gained from these projects will be instrumental to anyone wanting to expand their skills in creating unique jewelry pieces.

As you know, I love Lark Books. They are consistently great books with wonderful graphic illustrations and the content is always pleasing. I think this is a perfect book for the creative beader interested in working with metals but not knowing where or how to get started. Once the basics are mastered, beaders may wish to look elsewhere for in-depth knowledge on the subject of metalsmithing.

Metalworking 101 for Beaders is available at bookshops now or can be ordered through Lark Books by clicking on the title above. OR you can enter to win a copy of this book!

To enter to win a copy of this book, please sign up for my email newsletter by Tuesday, May 18th at midnight. The drawing will take place on Wednesday, May 19th, so stay tuned!

How To Enter:
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4. Deadline to enter is Midnight, May 18th (Tuesday next week!)

For any questions about the Big Book Giveaway, please read the comments below for the FAQs. Good Luck!

Visit Candie on her blog or website:
Candie Cooper's Website
Candie Cooper's Blog

Monday, May 10, 2010

And The Winner Is....

The winner for the first of Beadweaver's Big Book Giveaway is.......

Adorningthebride!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!

She/he wins a copy of Your Seed Bead Style: Accents, Embellishments, and Adornments!


Many thanks to Kalmbach Publishers and the Bead and Button team for sending us this great book to review and give away. It's a lovely book and one I'm sure Adorningthebride will have great fun with!

Stay tuned for the next book in Beadweaver's Big Book Giveaway....You won't want to miss this one! :) (Hint: It's also great new book from Lark Books)

*Beadweaver's Big Book Giveaway is a month long series of drawings for five just-released books on beading - all fabulous books and each one is a surprise.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Your Seed Bead Style: Accents, Embellishments, Adornments

From Kalmbach Publishers - Your Seed Bead Style: Accents, Embellishments, Adornments brings beaders fresh ideas for a range of tastes. With whimsical project names like "Let's Twist Again" and "Pearl Orbit" by Laura McCabe, this book is ideal for intermediate-level beaders looking for unusual jewelry elements to add to their seed bead work.

The book features a range of techniques and stitches including peyote, herringbone, square stitch, bead embroidery, tatting, and right angle weave. Clear photos with step by step instruction guide the reader through each project. There are 31 projects in all - so many to choose from! The chapters are divided into themes which include: Crystlas and Glass; Pearls and Shells; Metals; Gemstones; and Fibers; and help to guide the beader in their interests.

Amongst my favorite projects in this book are the Picture Perfect Cuffs by Stella Broughton which teach you how to incorporate cabs with imagery into a bead embroidered theme and Hardware Embellishment by Caren Schwartz which combines chain, washers, nuts, and carabiners with seed beads to form an unusual necklace! I also love the Pearl Orbit bracelet by Laura McCabe and the Flowers and Lace piece by Lesley Weiss. To be honest, I really can't choose because they are all good for different reasons - lots of great projects and techniques in this one!

Your Seed Bead Style is available at bookshops now or can be ordered directly from Kalmbach Publishers by clicking on the title above or calling 1-800-533-6644. You can also preview the table of contents and a portion of the book by clicking HERE for the 1.5mb PDF.

To enter to win a copy of this book, please sign up for my email newsletter by Sunday, May 9th at midnight. The drawing will take place on Monday, May 10th, so stay tuned!

How To Enter:
1. If you're on my mailing list, you're automatically entered to win (yay!).
2. If you're not yet on my mailing list, you must subscribe (you can always unsubscribe later). Follow this link to sign up and enter: Beadweaver Mailing List
3. Be sure to check your email to confirm that you've signed up.
4. Deadline to enter is Midnight, May 9th.

For any questions about the Big Book Giveaway, please read the comments below for the FAQs. Good Luck!

The Big Book Giveaway is Here!

This week I am starting the first of five Big Book Giveaways! Each week I will feature one book by a well known bead artist and publisher. To enter to win a copy of the book, you must sign up for my "Get Posts by eMail" to the left. If you are already on my Get Posts by eMail list, you don't need to enter twice. Once you sign up, you are automatically entered for all upcoming drawings. It's great because you will also get an announcement of who the winners are for any one drawing (in case you forget to check back).

Up first: Your Seed Bead Style: Accents, Embellishments, and Adornments by Kalmbach Publishers. Later today I will post the first book in the Big Book Giveaway, so stay tuned! There are great projects in this one!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Festa Botanica and the Big Book Giveaway!

May is quickly approaching and for those of you who have followed the Beadweaver Blog, you know May is Beadweaver's anniversary!!! And guess what? This year it is Beadweaver's fifth anniversary of covering beadweaving online :)

I have recently received five (how coincidental!) new books from various publishers including Kalmbach and Lark - some of the best books by the best artists around! So...in honor of the fifth anniversary of Beadweaver, I have decided to give these books away to you, my wonderful readers! Each book will be reviewed and given away in a drawing like we've done in the past through the month of May. Are you excited? I am!!!

What books are they? I can't tell you because it would spoil the surprise :)

The Big Book Giveaway will commence next week. Be sure to sign up for my email newsletter to be entered into the drawings. You can click on "Get Posts by eMail" to the left to subscribe. More details on that to come.

The images in this post are a sneak peek at what I've made for our upcoming Festa Botanica which will be going on this weekend at the Turtle Bay Arboretum (my fingers are nothing but bones!). A few new patterns will be coming your way out of these lovely creations.... (Sunshine Lariat, top left; Giant Flower Rings, above; and a lovely Beehive Bracelet - tba!)

See you in a week!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Beading Needles

I've been steadily working away to prepare for the upcoming Festa Botanica. I think I've worked my fingers to the bone! In the meantime....I still have two more articles to go on beading and bead supplies. Here is the third article in the series - this one on beading needles. You can view the first two articles in my archives by clicking on these links: Thread Basics and Seed Bead Basics. And as always, feel free to write in and share information if you'd like!

Types of Needles used for Seed Bead Weaving
• English Beading Needles (listed largest to smallest)
• John James: size 10 long
• John James: size 12
• John James: size 13
• John James: size 15
• Thomas & Sons: Size 16
• Japanese Beading Needles
• Tulip Company of Japan: Zohata and Tenrai
• Miyuki
• Twisted Wire Beading Needles: soft; good for stringing larger threads and beads
• Big Eye Needles: needle splits open to allow easy threading

Needle Lengths
• Needle length varies depending on the manufacturer, the type of needle, and its use. Needles as long as 3-5 inches are useful for loom weaving; shorter needles are commonly used for off-loom weaving. Very short needles are useful when you have a limited amount of thread to work with (John James “Shorts” or cut the end off a twisted wire needle).

• Convenience Packs: John James needles are often packaged with 4 needles to a pack in a variety of sizes for convenience.
• Bulk Packs: Most needles are available in bulk packaging of 6 or more needles all of the same size. John James come in 25 needles per packet; Thomas & Sons come in 4 needles per packet; Japanese needles come in a variety of packaging depending on the size.

Needle Sizes & Use
• The larger the bead, the larger the needle. As a general rule, the John James needles will work on similar sized beads (a sized 10 needle will work with a size 10/o or 11/o seed bead). Japanese beading needles tend to be larger in diameter than John James and are designed for working with larger-holed Japanese beads.
• Choose your needle according to the size of the bead and its hole and the thickness of the thread.
• When you must work a number of passes through a bead, try switching to a smaller needle (especially if you get stuck) or using a thinner thread.
• Never, ever, pull a needle through a bead using pliers. You will weaken the bead and it may break (if not now, eventually).

Links to more information on the web:
Beading Needles: Everything You've Wanted to Know!
Bead Cats Needles
Barbara Elbe's Needles
Japanese Needles

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Treats!

Happy Easter! Rather than send you on an Easter Egg hunt, I thought I'd just give you the treats :)

Here is an online exhibition of beadwork from the Smith Museum: African Beaded Art, running online through June 15th. The exhibit contains beadwork from a variety of regions and includes explanations of each item when you click on the image. There is also a catalog available that includes all of the objects in the exhibit (only a selection of items are shown online).

I love that they have organized the Southern African work under the linguistic name of "Nguni" which is the appropriate term to describe antique beadwork from the region (i.e. not all beadwork from Southern Africa is Zulu - a mistake commonly made when describing items from this area). Shown right is an item from my personal collection.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Sherri Haab: Jewelry Inspirations

Some say you can't judge a book by it's cover but I think Sherri Haab's newest book, Jewelry Inspirations: Techniques and Designs from the Artist's Studio has a cover showing the incredible inspiration you'll find in it's pages.

When I opened the book to the first chapter, Developing Creativity and Inspiration, I knew I was going to be hooked. Here's an excerpt from Sherri's discussion about helping students to overcome their frustrations. I found it particularly inspiring:

"It's coloring outside the lines; the imperfection, the emotion, and the soul that the cracks reveal. Lost and found edges, asymmetry, and unintentional marks are just a few examples of 'mistakes' that actually add to the character and charm of a piece. When we fear that our piece isn't going to turn out perfectly, this holds us back. Creativity is the ability to allow ourselves to be okay with something spontaneous or unintentional..."

One of the biggest stumbling blocks I've had in creating is the ever-present desire for perfection. If it isn't perfect, then it's rip-it, rip-it! How many times have you said "Oh the heck with it, I'm just moving forward" and been surprised at the results? It was so gratifying to read this from an artist who is known for her beautiful work. Yes, coloring outside the lines can be beautiful!

Sherri then goes on to say: "Life is busy. I find it impossible to stay as organized as I would like. I get so excited about new projects that I tend to start ten things at once..." I love this book! Sherri finishes the chapter with sources for inspiration, keeping your ideas organized, and finally a how-to on the basics of creating jewelry.

The remainder of the book is filled with gorgeous projects. The topics are divided into inspirational sources upon which the projects are based. Sherri shows you how to transfer beautiful images on to sea glass and drill the glass for pendants (Inspiration: By The Sea); how to knot silk (Inspiration: By The Sea); how to create beautiful flowers with polymer clay (Inspiration: Fairy Tales and Flowers); and how to knit with wire (Inspiration: Getting Groovy with Fiber) - just a few of the modern jewelry techniques covered. There are even two projects on working with PMC and one on how to etch metal. Both photos and step-by-step instructions will guide you through completion of each of the 29 projects in the book.

I really like this book. First, it's beautiful - the layout is very well done and inspiring. Secondly, I love Sherri's philosophy. And finally, I love how many different projects using different techniques are covered. It reminds me of Carol Wilcox Well's Creative Bead Weaving except that this one is for all other types of jewelry creation. If you're interested in incorporating a variety of jewelry techniques into your beadwork, this book is one I would give serious consideration to.

You can preview 20 pages of the book online from the publisher Random House Books. You can also purchase it directly: Random House Books. Or simply click on the title of this post for a direct link.

And to learn more about Sherri and to see what she's up to, be sure to check out her website: Sherri Haab

Have Fun!

Friday, March 12, 2010

RX: Crystal Fever

So you think you've got a serious case of crystal fever? You might think twice after you check out these purveyors of all things Swarovski:

Burkitt & Burkitt

Hello Kitty Hell

The Million Crystal Body


Swarovski Crystal Palace

And by the way, if you have any of these toys, Greg Lynn wants them: TOYS
(wonder what he's up to...)

That's all for now!

Friday, March 05, 2010

The Original Alice

What a better month than March Madness for the release of Tim Burton's film, Alice in Wonderland! In honor of today's debut, I thought I'd share with you the very first film made of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in 1903. Enjoy!

And for the 2010 Version (There are 10 video clips, press pause if you don't want to see them all):

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beading on the Horizon

It's been a lovely, blistery cold winter (one of my favorite seasons!) which has forced me to sit down and bead (my favorite activity!). Have you been busy beading too?

I've been absent from the Beadweaver blog for a few weeks while I hunker down to create items for an upcoming Art Festival: The Festa Botanica at the Turtle Bay Botanical Gardens this spring. I was honored to be an invited participant in this juried show. Here are a few items I thought you'd like to see:

Earrings inspired by my friend & French artist Marie Giraud's work:
romance earrings
Bracelets inspired by my collaboration with my friend & mentor, South African artist Nicholas Kap:

Cuffs inspired by my work with my friend & American artist Louise Hill:

In other news, I've been looking at the lovely new beading books that are coming out this spring. Be sure to check out this one from publishers of Bead Style magazine: "Simply Stylish Chain and Metal Jewelry". In addition to chain and metal, the book also has gorgeous projects incorporating beads, crystals, gemstones, and pearls. Combining beadwork with prefabricated metal and chain is a great way to save time (and add to the perceived value, especially if you use sterling and gold). And as with all of the projects from Bead Style magazine, the step by step instructions are very good.

I've been busy over at Etsy, adding some beads to my Beadweaver shop. For the Versailles bracelet pattern I've just listed those gorgeous rose opalescent seed beads and violet rose champagne crystals. Many of my customers have had difficulty sourcing these so I'm offering them for a limited time (while supplies last!):
This winter I also updated my personal website to include some of my photography. I get requests for these pictures from time to time so I thought I'd put them online. Be sure to check out the special section on South Africa (I've only posted from one CD and have 2,000 more photos to go through!). The South African photos were taken by my husband who is a very talented photographer:

Finally, I thought I'd share with you some great 'alternative weaving' finds on the 'net (there's so much inspiration out there!):
Paper Phine
Vaida Petreikiene
Meghan Price
American Craft Council, Baltimore

"Adornment is never anything except a reflection of the heart."
- Coco Chanel

Until next time,
Suzy-Q, Beadweaver

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Screaming For Spring Etsy Treasury

Just a quick note to say Thank You to Francoise la Masolet for including Beadweaver's Spring Ring in her Etsy Shop! Francoise creates beautiful dresses for little girls. Be sure to check out her treasury on Etsy by clicking on the title above! Enjoy!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Congratulations to the Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of Beadweaver's Calendar giveaway!

beading calendarKathrynshome wins two hanks of gorgeous metallic charlottes in a lovely wisteria purple and meadow green...

Kashaya wins a copy of Beadweaver's Versailles Rose Champagne bracelet pattern...

and Sue.Angels is the grand prize winner of Bead & Button's 2010 Bead Dreams Calendar!

Congratulations to the winners and many, many thanks to everyone who participated and signed up for the Beadweaver beading news blog!!! And a special thanks to Kalmbach Publishers and the staff at Bead & Button magazine for making this giveaway possible!

Stay tuned for more great things coming your way from Beadweaver...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Win the 2010 Bead Dreams Calendar!

This year the editors at Bead and Button magazine have put together a beautiful calendar: Bead Dreams 2010: Best of the Bead & Button Show. Twelve gorgeous works from well known artists such as Heidi Kummli, Diane Hyde, Hiroko Toda, and Sherry Serafini (and our own Susan Mandel!) are displayed in a large 10.5" x 13" format. Featured each month is the artists' masterpiece, the artists' biography, and a description of the work written by the artist. It's a great way to get inspired each month of the year and to find out more about the artist and his/her work.

I have one copy to give away to a lucky winner courtesy of Kalmbach Publishers (Thank you Kalmbach and the team at Bead & Button!).

How to Enter to Win:
1. If you're on my mailing list, you're automatically entered (yay!).
2. To enter, you must sign up for my mailing list. Follow this link to sign up and enter: Beadweaver Mailing List
3. **Be sure to check your email to confirm that you've signed up**
4. Deadline to enter is midnight, January 31st (Sunday).

And as with all of Beadweaver's drawings and giveaways, there will be some surprises too :) If you have questions about signing up, read the comment section to this post for the FAQs!

Good Luck & Stay Tuned!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Get BeadPunk Inspired!

What do you get when you cross Steampunk with beads? BeadPunk!

Featured in this month's edition of Bead & Button magazine, Diane Hyde has launched a new themed direction for beadwork called "BeadPunk". Based on the popular Steampunk style, Beadpunk takes this style one step further by adding beadwork (and what could be better than adding beads!).

It's a fun and beautiful new style to explore. You can see great examples of this style by visiting Diane's gallery on her website: BeadPunk.net or picking up the February issue of Bead & Button magazine.

Diane is also offering her own unique components to begin designing your own BeadPunk style. Click on the title above to visit her site and get BeadPunk Inspired!