Sunday, January 24, 2010

Win the 2010 Bead Dreams Calendar!

This year the editors at Bead and Button magazine have put together a beautiful calendar: Bead Dreams 2010: Best of the Bead & Button Show. Twelve gorgeous works from well known artists such as Heidi Kummli, Diane Hyde, Hiroko Toda, and Sherry Serafini (and our own Susan Mandel!) are displayed in a large 10.5" x 13" format. Featured each month is the artists' masterpiece, the artists' biography, and a description of the work written by the artist. It's a great way to get inspired each month of the year and to find out more about the artist and his/her work.

I have one copy to give away to a lucky winner courtesy of Kalmbach Publishers (Thank you Kalmbach and the team at Bead & Button!).

How to Enter to Win:
1. If you're on my mailing list, you're automatically entered (yay!).
2. To enter, you must sign up for my mailing list. Follow this link to sign up and enter: Beadweaver Mailing List
3. **Be sure to check your email to confirm that you've signed up**
4. Deadline to enter is midnight, January 31st (Sunday).

And as with all of Beadweaver's drawings and giveaways, there will be some surprises too :) If you have questions about signing up, read the comment section to this post for the FAQs!

Good Luck & Stay Tuned!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Get BeadPunk Inspired!

What do you get when you cross Steampunk with beads? BeadPunk!

Featured in this month's edition of Bead & Button magazine, Diane Hyde has launched a new themed direction for beadwork called "BeadPunk". Based on the popular Steampunk style, Beadpunk takes this style one step further by adding beadwork (and what could be better than adding beads!).

It's a fun and beautiful new style to explore. You can see great examples of this style by visiting Diane's gallery on her website: or picking up the February issue of Bead & Button magazine.

Diane is also offering her own unique components to begin designing your own BeadPunk style. Click on the title above to visit her site and get BeadPunk Inspired!