Sunday, January 17, 2010

Get BeadPunk Inspired!

What do you get when you cross Steampunk with beads? BeadPunk!

Featured in this month's edition of Bead & Button magazine, Diane Hyde has launched a new themed direction for beadwork called "BeadPunk". Based on the popular Steampunk style, Beadpunk takes this style one step further by adding beadwork (and what could be better than adding beads!).

It's a fun and beautiful new style to explore. You can see great examples of this style by visiting Diane's gallery on her website: or picking up the February issue of Bead & Button magazine.

Diane is also offering her own unique components to begin designing your own BeadPunk style. Click on the title above to visit her site and get BeadPunk Inspired!


maryanne said...

I saw this article, Susan, and I really love the idea of playing up the romantic side of steampunk.
Some time ago you said you'd be interested in knowing when I got a blog up and running. I've done it! It's in its beginning phases but it's up. If you have a chance drop by.

SuzyQ said...

Hi Maryanne,
Thanks for posting and sharing!
Here's the link to Maryanne's blog:
Zingalas Workshop