Friday, August 27, 2010

Do You Really Know Copyright?

If someone told you that by changing an artist's design by 10% you could call the design your own, would you believe it?
Is it okay to teach a project you fell in love with in a magazine?
Can you sell your finished work - the project you bought the pattern for?

Are you sure you know the answers? Join Sigrid Wynne-Evans as she travels down the rocky road of Copyright - what it is, what it means for beaders, and how you can make sure you aren't tripping!

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Janet said...

I'm fairly certain you should never sell a piece made from a design that isn't your original work. That at least without obtaining permission from the designer. Same goes for teaching a piece in a class. It is my understanding that techniques aren't copyrighted but designs can be. Even if I am donating to a charitable auction I ask the designers permission.


SuzyQ said...

Thanks Janet!
Your first point is a hotly debated topic - can you or can't you sell a piece of work that you made from a pattern?
I posed the question to Sig - head on over to her blog to see how she - and others - will answer it!