Sunday, September 05, 2010

Guide To Copyright by Sig Wynne-Evans

I thought I'd list direct links to the six posts that Sig has written on Copyrights for Beaders (My apologies for those of you who've received emails on the subject - just trying to group it all together - and this one will be my last, I swear!). For those of you who are just now checking in: If you've ever had questions or wondered whether your work might be "toeing the line", then be sure to read her discussion of important copyright issues facing beaders. Remember, Sig is not a lawyer but she does have significant experience in this area, so she's a great resource for us all!

Copyright Pt 1: Sig Enters the World of Copyright

Copyright Pt 2: % Change (Can you change a pattern and call it your own?)

Copyright Pt 3: Selling Beadwork from Patterns (Is it okay?)

Copyright Pt 4: A Couple of Issues: Use of Image and Copying (Use of public domain images vs. privately held images)

Copyright Pt 5: Class or Not?(Is it okay to teach someone else's design in a class?)

Copyright Pt 6: Comment On A Comment

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